Sunday 15 January, 2017

This week’s challenge is to try a gluten free diet for 7 days. We’ve seen countless health transformations in clients at the BePure clinic through a gluten free whole foods diet. I’m yet to see a person with poor energy, weight concerns or an autoimmune condition who hasn’t benefited from a whole foods based gluten free diet.

For many people grains (especially gluten-containing grains) can cause problems affecting everything from digestion, mood, skin disorders like rashes and eczema, to joint pain, weight gain, migraines and thyroid disorders.

For an extensive list of gluten-related symptoms, check out this list. Interestingly, you’ll see that many of these symptoms do not relate to digestion!

It can however seem really daunting when starting out on a gluten free diet. So, the point of this blog is to provide you with gluten free recipes for commonly problematic meals such as breakfast options and sweet treats. We’ve found with clients, it’s these two areas that are the biggest stumbling blocks to getting started. Lunches and Dinner are easier to make a salad, casserole or stir fry using seasonal produce and grains like brown rice or quinoa or root vegetables such as kumara, carrot, beetroot, turnip or potatoes.

I’ve also included a helpful gluten free substitution guide as well as ideas for gluten free snacks and lunchbox items for kids.


Starting your day

Starting your day off with a nutrient-packed breakfast to help stabilise your blood sugar levels is vital. It can prevent energy crashes later in the day as well as sugar cravings and that dreaded 3 pm slump. Whether you like to start your days with something light like a smoothie, something indulgent like pancakes or a hearty breakfast of eggs we’ve got you covered.

BePure Berry Pilaf - A cross between porridge and a parfait, this pilaf uses soaked buckwheat (a gluten free wholegrain) to set you up with stable energy all day. Customise this basic recipe with your favourite fruit or nuts. You can also serve it warm in cooler months.

Get the recipe here

Poached Eggs with Kumara Rosti and Kale - A hearty delicious hot breakfast with slow releasing low GI carbs, healthy fats, protein and leafy greens. Everything you need to start your day.

Get the recipe here

BePure Berry Smoothie - A refreshing, sweet smoothie packed with antioxidants and nutrients. This recipe is especially good in the summer months when berries are abundant.

Get the recipe here

BePure Pancakes - These light fluffy pancakes are grain free, dairy free and gluten free. A weekend staple for us, they are naturally sweet from the bananas but packed with protein and healthy fats to set you up for the day.

Get the recipe here


Sweet treats

Reducing your sugar intake is one of the BePure nutritional principles, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a sweet treat every now and then. We're all about living a healthy, balanced lifestyle, that works long term.

So, with that in mind, we’ve put together a selection of some of our most popular recipes to satisfy those of us with a sweet tooth. Bear in mind that while these recipes contain healthy natural sweeteners you do still need to be mindful of portions and keep them as a special treat.

BePure Chocolate Smoothie - This one tastes just like a chocolate milkshake but with better ingredients than ice cream and chocolate syrup. This recipe is full of healthy fats to help buffer the sweetness from dates and banana.

Get the recipe here

Lemon Meringue Pie - This is a showstopper! It takes a bit of effort making the pastry and the filling but it’s worth it. Tart and creamy with the right amount of sweetness, but without the blood sugar crash from refined flour and sugar. Enjoy!

Get the recipe here

BePure Bliss Balls - These little balls of energy are great as a snack as a post workout treat or as fuel for kids on the go. These balls are incredibly versatile, you could flavour them with orange zest or peppermint oil.

Get the recipe here

Chocolate Black Bean Brownie - Everybody loves brownie! What’s not to love? It’s rich, fudgey, slightly chewy and full of chocolate. This brownie has had the bepure makeover! It’s naturally gluten free and made with a surprising ingredient:protein-packed black beans!

Get the recipe here


Other handy tips and tricks 

  • Gluten Free snacks. Snack food is one area where it’s really common to fall down. That old saying “failing to prepare is preparing to fail” comes into play here. Convenience foods are often gluten-filled. Having some of these gluten free snacks on hand to help you adjust is key! Get some snack ideas here

  • Gluten Free lunchbox ideas. If you have a family and all of you are giving a gluten free diet a go we have some tried, tested and approved lunchbox friendly item ideas here

  • Gluten Free alternatives. Here we have a handy list of tasty and nutritious gluten free alternatives. Have a look here

This blog is part of our 10 pillars of health series. Each week we will deliver content, recipes and challenges relevant to each pillar of health that we believe are the foundations for living a healthier, happier, more energised life. The idea being that if we focus on making progress in one area each week it will be easier, and more sustainable, over the long-term.


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