BePure Zinc Taste Test

  • We have devised our own functional taste test for assessing zinc levels. It is one of the first tests we do with clients at the BePure clinic. Utilising blood testing for zinc status is unreliable because your body will hold zinc in the blood even if you are chronically deficient.

    How the taste test works;

    Detecting the naturally bitter or unpleasant taste of zinc is dependant on having enough zinc in your body to detect it. For many people, they can take a liquid sample of zinc and it tastes just like water.

    Over the years we have tested over 4000 people's zinc levels and found over 30% of people were severely deficient in zinc while many more had some degree of zinc deficiency.

    Taking the Zinc Taste Test is quick and easy and anyone in your family can do it.

    This pack includes 4 Zinc Taste Tests.

    Each serve (10ml) contains: 59 mg Zinc Sulfate heptahydrate in a base of distilled water.

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