The Hormone Secret - Nelson


Wednesday 29 November, 2017
07:00PM - 09:30PM

Venue: Rutherford Hotel, 27 Nile St W, Nelson

What’s really in the way of your health, energy and weight?

Join Ben Warren as he uncovers the secret part hormones play in your health and wellbeing over this inspiring and empowering evening on his latest New Zealand nationwide tour.


From stubborn weight that just won't budge to energy slumps, painful PMS and heavy periods. Many of us don't realise is that these key health concerns can be caused by hormonal imbalances within the body.

Unfortunately, our modern day environment is completely geared against healthy hormones... especially women's hormone health.

We know many of you have been struggling with your health concerns for a long time, particularly weight loss. It's time to understand the role hormones play in your health, mood, energy and weight and learn how nutrition and lifestyle choices can bring your body back into balance. 

In this completely NEW, 2.5-hour seminar, 'The Hormone Secret,' presented by leading New Zealand clinical nutritionist, Ben Warren, will present his latest research on hormone health and help you understand the secret role they play in your health and wellness.

What people have said about Ben's workshops and seminars

"Hamilton seminar was excellent. We would rate Ben a 50 out of 10!! A breath of fresh air and an excellent presenter. Handles questions very well." 
- Sharlene

"I just wanted to say an ENORMOUS thank you for such an incredible evening. Not only was I able to bring a friend along (who desperately needed to know this info) but I learnt so much as well! As someone who advocates for, is passionate about and as much as I can lives a healthy lifestyle, it's awesome to see Ben's message getting out into the general public so more people can be aware, understand and therefore improve their health." 
- Nicola

"Attended the Wellington Workshop this is exactly what I need to get me back on track. Ben and his staff are very friendly taking time to listen to everyone that had questions. The day was well organised, great venue with some amazing food and we learnt so much. I would definitely recommend attending this workshop if you have the opportunity." 
- Andrea

If you experience any of the below, this event is for you...

Over this 3-hour, eye-opening seminar with Ben, you will learn how to heal your hormones and discover how this can bring back your vitality and energy. 

  • Struggles with weight loss or weight gain?
  • Low energy, tiredness and fatigue?
  • Lack of concentration and motivation?
  • PMS, heavy periods or other menstrual issues?
  • Endometriosis, fibroids, polycystic ovarian syndrome or other related syndromes
  • Fertility health concerns?

What are the key take aways from the seminar?

  • Understanding your hormones and their crucial role in your health
  • The link between your hormones and weight loss and weight gain
  • The role of toxins in causing hormonal imbalance
  • The power of nutrition in reclaiming your hormonal harmony
  • Simple lifestyle tips and tactics for hormone balance
  • Testing options to start your journey to optimal hormonal health

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