• If you're new to the BePure philosophy or want to try our products and programmes, the BePure Sampler Pack is the perfect place to begin.

    What does the BePure Sampler Pack include?

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    Who is the BePure Sampler Pack For?

    The starter pack is for anyone who is interested in making positive diet and lifestyle changes with BePure. It has been designed by the BePure team to make it easy to see how good you can feel from eating nutritious and delicious meals, supporting your body with the essential nutrients for optimal health and assessing how other factors such as nutrient deficiency, stress, hormones or your environment could be affecting your energy and health.

    Why should I do the BePure Sampler Pack?

    The BePure Sampler Pack contains BePure nutritonal products and support that give you an introduction into the key pillars of the BePure philosophy. Below you'll find a detailed explanation of each of these.

    1. BePure One – The Ultimate Daily Multivitamin

    Ben Warren spent more than 2 years formulating this whole-food super-blend supplement to help you fuel your life and give you optimal energy. After researching the quality of soil and finding them lacking in essential nutrients, Ben discovered that even if you're eating a healthy diet, we still need to give our bodies nutritional support every day to live optimally in the modern world. BePure one provides you with the missing nutrients that don't get absorbed into our food, plus a whole lot of extra vitamins, minerals and antioxidants - making it the ultimate, all-in-one daily multi to help you feel your best.

    2. BePure 10 Day Clean Eating Programme

    This easy to follow plan takes the guesswork out of fuelling your body. See how fantastic you can feel after enjoying 10 days of our favourite nutrient-rich, mouth-watering meals, specifically designed to nourish and cleanse your body. The BePure team of nutritionists have come together to create this E-Book, and show you how eating healthy whole foods doesn't have to be boring, tasteless, difficult or expensive.

    3. Zinc Taste Test

    We have devised our own functional taste test for assessing zinc levels. It is one of the first tests we do with clients at the BePure clinic. Utilising blood testing for zinc status is unreliable because your body will hold zinc in the blood even if you are chronically deficient.

    So, how the zinc taste test work?

    Being able to detect the naturally bitter or unpleasant taste of zinc is dependant on having enough zinc in your body. For many people, they can take a liquid sample of zinc and it tastes just like water. Over the years we have tested over 5000 people's zinc levels and found over 30% of people were severely deficient in zinc while many more had some degree of zinc deficiency.

    4. Women's Wellness Seminar Video

    Ben ran a series of talks about essential health and wellness for women in the modern world. We filmed this event in the hope of making this information accessible to as many people as possible. While this seminar was given as part of the Women's Wellness Series, both men and women have found this content invaluable. Many men have told us they now feel better and are better able to support their wives, partners and daughters. In this video Ben will cover how men and women are different, common signs of hormonal imbalance in women, inflammatory foods such as refined grains and sugar and how these affect our hormones and what foods we need to be eating to support hormonal health.

    BSCG Certified Drug Free

    BSCG Certified Drug Free

    BePure One is BSCG Certified Drug Free.


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