Recorded Seminar: Essential Health and Wellness For Women

  • We filmed this event in the hope of making this information accessible to as many people as possible. Both men and women have found this content invaluable. Many men have told us they now feel better able to support their wives, partners and daughters.

    This seminar has been the most popular event BePure has ever hosted. Ben’s approach to wellness for women is unique, holistic and effective. The information in this video is the culmination of his years of experience working closely with women at the BePure clinic.

    This video will cover a range of key factors impacting wellness for women in the modern world. They include;

    • Nutrition for women in the modern world;
    • Why female hormone systems are different from men's;
    • How to balance your hormones;
    • The best types of exercise for women;
    • Exposure to environmental toxins that affect our hormones;
    • How stress impacts weight, sugar cravings and emotional wellbeing;
    • Essential nutrients for women;
    • How to fix digestive problems and leaky gut.

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