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Hormone Balance Pack 60-Day
Hormone Balance Pack 60-Day
Hormone Balance Pack 60-Day
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Hormone Balance Pack 60-Day


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 The BePure Hormone Balance Pack is designed to support and maintain healthy progesterone levels throughout a female’s cycle. It contains high quality, high strength micronutrients alongside powerful herbal nourishment to support hormone balance and calm.


Free of Sweeteners, Artificial Flavours & Colours
High Strength & High Quality
Bioavailable Ingredients
Gluten, Soy, Dairy & GMO Free
Free of Fillers, Additives & Preservatives
Supports Balanced Hormones

We are all too commonly living with high stress in our busy lives. Stress is know to have a direct effect on progesterone levels, a common reason low levels of progesterone are often low. This can be problematic as progesterone is our calming hormone and also plays a vital role in fertility, mental clarity and gives us a sense of calm, rather than stress! The BePure Hormone Balance Pack is suitable for anyone looking to restore and maintain healthy progesterone levels while supporting balanced hormones and overall whole body health.



  • Natural production of progesterone
  • Relaxation of the nervous system
  • Normal pain-free periods
  • Healthy ovulation
  • Clearance of oestrogen
  • Fertility
  • Brain function, mood, memory and cognition



  • Heavy, painful periods, clots, fibroids
  • PMS – painful cramps, irritability, sore breasts, water retention, food cravings
  • Anxiety, chronic stress, insomnia
  • Struggling to get pregnant and/
  • Or no ovulation, irregular periods or no period at all



The BePure Hormone Balance Pack can be combined with any other BePure products. If you have a specific health concern that you would like to address, please get in touch with our Nutritional Health Support Team and discuss how any of our BePure products can help support you reach these health goals.



You are always welcome to talk to our Nutritional Health Support Team and discuss how any of our BePure products can help support you on your personal health journey. Call us on 0800 52 54 52.


Still not sure whether this pack is right for you? Take the BePure Hormone Health Questionnaire below.

The BePure Hormone Balance Pack contains high quality, high strength micronutrients alongside a powerful herbal nourishment to help restore and maintain healthy progesterone levels, hormone balance and calm.



Click the product names below for the full details and list of ingredients.


BePure One: The ultimate, high-strength, high-quality multivitamin. Containing over 50 essential nutrients with a raw, organic, greens base to help your body function at its best every day.


BePure Three: High DHA/EPA, sustainably sourced omega 3 fish oil tested for freshness and purity. Essential for brain function, as your brain utilises omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA in large quantities, daily. 


BePure CycleCalm: is a powerful and nourishing blend of natural herbs and nutrients formulated to support hormonal harmony through boosting levels of progesterone, our lovely calming hormone. 


BePure Zinc Restore: provides high strength, high bioavailable form of zinc picolinate to help boost low levels of zinc and support our overall health and wellbeing. 

The BePure Hormone Balance Pack is designed to be taken daily, alongside a whole food diet to support healthy progesterone levels, while nourishing your whole body health.



Please see our photo gallery for an easy-to-use daily direction table.



BePure One

BePure Three

BePure CycleCalm

BePure Zinc Restore

  1. Always take with food to avoid nausea and increase absorption.
  2. If it is your first time taking BePure products we recommend starting slowly with a half dosage and working your way up to the full dosage over a week or two to avoid a detox reaction, such as headaches or tiredness. This should only last 3 - 5 days. A detox reaction could be the result of the up-regulation of your liver from the extra nutrients. This is a good sign that your body is processing excess toxins out of your body.
  3. All BePure nutritional support products are supplementary to and not a replacement for a quality, whole foods diet.
  4. Distributed by BePure Health Ltd, Hawke's Bay Operation Centre, Napier.
  5. Always read the label and use as directed.
  6. If you have questions about any BePure products in this pack, please contact us at
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Why the BePure Hormone Balance Pack?

Chronic stress is a BIG issue in the modern world, we are living busy lives that are undeniably full of prolonged stress and hormonal imbalance has become the new normal.


Stress can lead to low progesterone levels which is problematic as progesterone is our calming hormone that also plays a vital role in fertility, mental clarity and gives us a sense of calm, rather than stress. 


It also counter balances our oestrogen and if it's low it can lead to imbalanced hormones.


Ben Warren and the BePure Clinic Team created BePure CycleCalm with a nourishing herbal and nutrient formulation to support hormonal harmony and boost levels of progesterone in the body.


The other products in this pack, BePure One and BePure Three, provide you with the baseline nutrients you need to support optimal health, every day. While BePure Zinc Restore is essential as zinc is a cofactor in the production of progesterone, and supports ovulation.


All together they contains high quality, high strength micronutrients alongside a powerful herbal nourishment to support hormone balance and calm.

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Jamie G.
New Zealand New Zealand


I started taking the hormone balance pack to try and get my hormones back on track (fertility related) - it has helped getting things back on track and I feel so much calmer and my mind doesn’t feel all over the show anymore. I absolutely highly recommended!



We're happy to hear you're feeling much more balanced and calm. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

New Zealand New Zealand

Fantastic Products!!!

After years of painful periods, anxiety and fertility problems my partner and I decided to give BePure products a try. Within weeks of taking cycle calm, my anxiety was gone and period became so much easier to cope with. Both of us also have so much more energy throughout the day. We also tried to conceive for seven years and after three months of taking these wonderful pills I became pregnant with our beautiful son. I can’t recommend these products enough!



Wow, congratulations Dani! We're thrilled the Hormone Balance Pack has made such a difference to both of your lives and supported you on this journey. Thank you for sharing your incredible experience with us.

A BePure Customer
Connor M.
New Zealand New Zealand

Amazing Product

I purchased this as a last ditch effort to love my cycle after 18 months of irregular bleeding, long cycles and discomfort. I have been using for a month now and have found my cycle length has been shorten this month. I am looking forward to seeing if this will conquer the irregular bleeding mid cycle. Finger crossed

Alana C.
New Zealand New Zealand


Massive changes. Alot of pills to take in a day when combined with my Gut Health Pack, but worth the admin. My moods, pains, inflammation have all benefited enormously from this.

Nicole D.
New Zealand New Zealand


I had been suffering with perioral dermatitis for about six months. I went to the doctor, they tried to prescribe me three months of antibiotics, I knew in my heart of hearts that it can’t have been fungal and that I didn’t need antibiotics… So I didn’t take them. I did not want to put my body through that. In the boxing day sales I purchased this hormonal pack after I had previously used it to get my period back after being in the depo for 6 years and I got my period back in 3 months after I had heard horror stories of years. I knew that this was my last chencr at healing my face naturally without being absolutely stumped and having to resort to antibiotics. I started taking this hormonal pack around New Year and my face is now healed and my period is exactly 28 days… Imagine that! I honestly cannot believe how much this pack help me through different periods of my life.

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