Blis Fresh Breath plus M18

  • Blis FreshBreath ™ are advanced probiotics used to promote healthy mouth and gums. Oral health is directly related to overall gut health. Maintaining an optimal balance of good and bad bacteria in your mouth will help support the microbial health of your entire gastrointestinal system.

    The single most frequent cause of bad breath is bacteria that live in their mouth. Many products currently available, such as tongue cleaners and mouthwash provide a temporary fix to your problem, without addressing the root cause of bad breath.

    The problem is when you use mouthwash to prevent bad breath, you kill ALL bacteria. Blis FreshBreath ™ uses a combined approach to first scrape away bad bacteria with a tongue cleaning tool, followed by a once-weekly high strength antibacterial mouthwash designed to kill odour-causing bacteria.

    Daily use of probiotic lozenges aids the continuous re-introduction of good bacteria to the oral cavity.

    A four weeks supply of Blis contains;

    40 Probiotic Lozenges - peppermint flavour.

    High dose mouthwash

    Mixing Container

    A tongue cleaner

    M18, tooth and gum probiotic lozenges.

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