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BePure Three Omega 3 Fish Oil 30-Day
BePure Three Omega 3 Fish Oil 30-Day
BePure Three Omega 3 Fish Oil 30-Day
BePure Three Omega 3 Fish Oil 30-Day
BePure Three Omega 3 Fish Oil 30-Day
BePure Three Omega 3 Fish Oil 30-Day
BePure Three Omega 3 Fish Oil 30-Day
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BePure Three Omega 3 Fish Oil 30-Day


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BePure Three 30-Day is a high-strength, molecularly distilled fish oil, sustainably sourced from the pristine waters of the South Pacific and made here in New Zealand. With high levels of DHA/EPA omega 3, BePure Three is rigorously tested for freshness, oxidisation levels and purity from heavy metals. With no fishy aftertaste, it is recommended as essential everyday nutrition to support baseline health.

Safe for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
High Strength and High Quality
Made in New Zealand from imported ingredients
Tested for Purity and Oxidisation
Free of Fillers, Additives and Preservatives
Free of Sweeteners, Artificial Flavours and Colours

BePure Three provides essential fatty acids and is recommended to be taken alongside BePure One as the baseline nutritional support Ben Warren and BePure recommend that everyone take, everyday to support great health.




  • Inflammation, aches and pains
  • Joint health
  • Brain blood circulation
  • Mental clarity and brain fog
  • Hormone balance
  • Energy cellular health
  • Sleep
  • Powerful antioxidants to remove toxins and free radicals
  • Hair, skin, nail health
  • Cardiovascular heart health
  • Immunity



You are always welcome to talk to our Nutritional Health Support Team and discuss how any of our BePure products can help support you on your personal health journey. Call us on 0800 52 54 52.



BePure Three can be combined with any other BePure products but it is most effective when combined with BePure One. If you are just beginning your health journey, we recommend the BePure Everyday Health Pack 30-Day as a value bundle to help boost your health and wellness routine.

BePure Three is a super high-strength, pure fish oil supplement containing a concentrated source of omega 3's essential fatty acids DHA and EPA. Sourced from the pristine waters of the South Pacific, molecularly distilled and enhanced with natural forms of vitamins A and D, BePure Three is provided in a special protective gel capsule with Vitamin E.



  • Vitamin A Natural Beta-Carotene
  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin E
  • DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) 600mg per serving
  • EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) 800mg per serving

Providing you with a high strength, concentrated source of omega-3s daily essential fatty acids DHA and EPA, BePure Three is designed to be taken daily, alongside a whole food, nutritional diet to fill in any nutritional gaps and support optimal health.



2 x capsules a day with food

Please see our photo gallery for an easy-to-use daily direction table.



  1. Contains fish and soybean derivatives. If you are on any medication, including blood thinning drugs such as Warfarin, or if you anticipate surgery, please consult with your health professional before taking this product.
  2. All BePure nutritional support products are supplementary to and not a replacement for a quality, whole foods diet.
  3. Distributed by BePure Health Ltd, Hawke's Bay Operation Centre, Napier.
  4. Always read the label and use as directed.
  5. If you have questions about any BePure products in this pack, please contact us at
  6. If you experience any adverse effects or have questions about BePure Three, please contact us at
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Why BePure Three?

The benefits of omega 3's essential fatty acids found in fish oil are vast making it incredibly important in supporting your overall health and wellness. Ensuring you have adequate forms of both DHA and EPA is crucial.


DHA has been shown in particular to support brain, eye, joint and heart health, whilst EPA supports good cardiovascular and brain blood circulation, immunity and healthy joint mobility. On top of this these healthy fats are hugely important in supporting inflammation, healthy cell membranes and our hair, skin and nail health.


Omega 3 is called 'an essential fatty acid' because it is, literally essential! The body cannot make it, so we must consume it daily. 


Ben Warren wanted people to have access to the incredible benefits of fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids, but he was extremely disappointed with the omega 3 fish oils available on the market. He spent three years of research and development to create BePure Three - Fish Oil.


  • Guaranteed freshness and purity with no fishy aftertaste: BePure Three fish oil has been molecularly distilled and tested to document the virtual absence of all environmental pollutants such as PCB's, dioxins pesticides, and heavy metals, then enhanced with natural vitamin E as an antioxidant for freshness and purity, while the special capsule Ben chose ensures maximum protection of the nutrients.
  • It provides very high levels of active omega 3 ingredients and fat soluble vitamins: It contains highly concentrated levels of essential omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA, especially in comparison with cod liver oils and other fish oils available. DHA has been shown in particular to support the brain, eye, joint and heart health, while EPA supports good cardiovascular and brain blood circulation, good immunity, and healthy joint mobility. BePure Three has the added benefit of the natural vitamins A and D for immune cellular function.
  • It is sustainably sourced: Formulated in New Zealand from small fish, caught wild from the pristine waters of the South Pacific.


If you're looking to get started and support your health, Ben recommends beginning with BePure Three alongside BePure One in the BePure Everyday Health Pack 30-Day. 

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Amanatpreet B.
New Zealand New Zealand

Bepure Fish oil

I tried so many brands but Bepure fish oil capsules, i love them you can feel the change in your body more energy and improves immunity and so many skin changes.

Anna D.
New Zealand New Zealand

I’ve only been using this product for a month but I’m aware of the many benefits it offers so feel very confident that its making a positive difference to my health

Tania F.
New Zealand New Zealand

Best fish oil

Easy to swallow and i have noticed my skin is softer since taking this. Great quality product

Hannah B.
New Zealand New Zealand

Yucky fish taste

I'm really disappointed with the fishy reflux taste especially when the product description says "with no fishy aftertaste". I've had to throw these out which is such a shame and waste.



Hi Hannah, we are sorry you are disappointed with the fishy reflux taste you have experienced with BePure Three. The fishy taste may be a sign that your stomach needs some additional support with digestion. You can support your digestion in a couple of ways. The BePure Digest Assist is a good option or an alternative could be taking apple cider vinegar to support your stomach with the breakdown of food and supplements. Zinc also plays an important role in supporting our digestive enzymes, you may wish to do a Zinc test to check up on your Zinc levels and see if Zinc is something you may need to supplement. We hope these suggestions can help you further along your health journey, please feel free to get in touch if you would like to chat further :)

Fi B.
New Zealand New Zealand

Unpleasant Fish Taste

I'm really disappointed with the very strong fishy aftertaste that keeps repeating on me to the extent that I've thrown these away. I use a number of BePure products and have loved them all until now. I've been taking BePure Zinc for a year now and take apple cider vinegar and Keffer daily to help with digestion so was surprised that i was also getting this after taste. I've taken other brands of fish oil before and haven't experience this fishy taste before. I really wanted to like this product!



Hi Fi, thank you for taking the time to leave your review. We are sorry to hear you are disappointed with the strong fishy after taste and repetition you are experiencing when taking BePure Three. There are two reasons that may be contributing to these fishy burps or repetition from this Omega 3 fish oil. Firstly, if someone struggles with low stomach acid or limited digestive capacity they may need extra support to aid digestion of this product. Taking Zinc and Apple Cider vinegar, as you have been doing, should help support this :) Secondly, BePure Three contains Omega 3's in the Ethyl Esther form as this is the form primarily used in clinical studies researching the benefits of fish oil for cardiovascular. This chemical structure of Omega 3 is a slightly more fragrant form which can lead to fishy burps. Especially when taken on an empty stomach. If you would like to discuss anything further or have any other questions around this product please feel free to get in touch and we will be more than happy to help. To chat to one of our wellness coordinators please call 0800 525 452.

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