BePure Ten - CoQ10

  • CoQ10 is found within every cell in the body and is essential for energy production. The co-enzyme Q10 increases the efficiency of the electron transport chain within our cells and in essence supports you in creating 'free energy'.

    CoQ10 plays a huge role in protecting against heart disease. Not only does our hard working heart muscle need twice as much CoQ10 as other muscles but CoQ10 it is also an important fat-soluble antioxidant helping to reduce free radical damage and inhibit the oxidation of cholesterol.

  • It also defends against the build-up of plaque in the arteries - essential for lowering risks of heart attack and stroke. Upping CoQ10 levels may help cardiac arrhythmias and lower blood pressure, and help to slow down the ageing of our skin and brain.

    BePure Ten provides the optimal daily dose of naturally fermented co-enzyme Q10.

  • Note that BePure Ten is designed to be taken along side BePure One and BePure Three to provide the ultimate support for energy production (see the Everyday Health Pack).

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