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BePure MenoCalm
BePure MenoCalm
BePure MenoCalm
BePure MenoCalm
BePure MenoCalm

BePure MenoCalm

2 Month Supply | 180 Capsules
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For the month of October, we are talking about the 3 spring seasons in a women's life. To celebrate the incredible transformation and growth that we all undergo at various times in our life, for the rest of the month our entire Hormone Collection is 15% Off.  

For many women, menopause is not as harmonious as it could be.

BePure MenoCalm is formulated with nutrients and herbs such as Sage Leaf and Black Cohosh to ease the unwanted experiences commonly associated with menopause, such as hot flashes, mood swings, and disrupted sleep.

Embrace menopause as a rite of passage, minus the discomfort of hormonal imbalance with BePure MenoCalm.

Gluten & GMO Free
High Strength & High Quality
Vegan friendly
Free of Sweeteners, Artificial Flavours & Colours
Recommended to support perimenopause and menopause
Supports Optimal Women's Health

Any women experiencing symptoms of pre, during or post menopause such as hot flushes, night sweats and other menopausal symptoms.


  • Do not take with warfarin or other blood pressure medication.
  • If you are undergoing cancer treatment or have recently been diagnosed.
  • Be cautious when taking antibiotics and immunosuppressants. Consult with your healthcare professional if on any medication.
  • If you have a known nightshade allergy please do not take this product as it contains Ashwagandha - a member of the nightshade family.

BePure MenoCalm is designed using a nourishing herbal blend to support women transition through menopause, promoting a good night’s sleep, better energy, and most importantly cooling from hot flushes, night sweats and other menopausal symptoms.


Key Active Ingredients:

  • Ashwagandha Root 
  • Black Cohosh Root 4:1extract 
  • Sage Lead 4:1 extract 
  • Choline

Other ingredients: 

  • Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (capsule)
  • Vegetable stearate
  • Silicon Dioxide

Recommended daily dose: 3 capsules a day with or without food, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner. 


It is recommended to take BePure MenoCalm alongside BePure One and BePure Three for optimal support.

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Why BePure MenoCalm?

Menopause is a natural stage of life that every woman will come to experience, typically around the age of 50. It is the natural process that occurs when a woman no longer needs to reproduce and her ovaries stop producing the sex hormones, oestrogen and progesterone. Unfortunately for many women, this process is not as harmonious as it could be. Why is that?

The period leading up to menopause is called perimenopause. Perimenopause is a transitional stage in a woman's reproductive life that begins about 4-5 years (and sometimes longer!) before menopause. Some lucky women cruise through perimenopause and barely notice a thing, however the majority of women will experience a variety of symptoms.

Some of the most common ones include; irregular periods, hot flashes, insomnia, night sweats, weight gain, mood changes, breast pain, joint pain, headaches. These symptoms are attributed to fluctuating oestrogen levels.

Clinically women who experience more severe menopausal symptoms have issues with stress and adrenal function. This is why BePure Menocalm contains Ashwagandha - an non-stimulating adaptogenic herb that helps our body respond to stress appropriately. 

We have also added Chromium to help with blood sugar regulation and mood stability. Women with menopausal concerns generally have blood sugar issues and many women gain weight during menopause due to the loss of the positive effects of oestrogen and progesterone on insulin sensitivity and abdominal adiposity.

We have added Choline due to its critical role in the synthesis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Choline is essential for brain health, cognition and healthy mental functioning. Choline is also involved in an array of key reactions, including muscle control, memory and mediation of emotion and behaviour in the brain. Adequate concentrations of choline in the brain are believed to protect against age-related cognitive decline and certain types of dementia.

Adequate concentrations of choline appears to potentially preserve neurons, brain volume, and neuronal transmissions - something oestrogen helps us with and begins to decline as we age. Choline also plays a crucial role in fat, carbohydrate and protein metabolism and is required for optimal gallbladder function.

Perimenopausal and menopausal women are the highest risk demographic for gallbladder disease and dysfunction due to the loss of the positive effects of progesterone and oestrogen have on hepatobiliary function.

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Liza M.
New Zealand New Zealand
BePure menocalm

I have struggled with life whilst battling the effects of menopause. A friend recommended menocalm and I felt a physical differenace within an hour or so of my first pill. I have recommended this product to every woman I know, as a banker I give your product a push to my affected customers as it is literally life changing. I’m still not sleeping but that’s just me, other friends are sleeping like babies thanks to menocalm.


Wow, that's amazing Liza! We are just thrilled to hear that MenoCalm has made such a difference to your life, thank you so much for sharing!

Lynda L.
New Zealand New Zealand

This product is amazing. Since I started taking it I have been a different person. No more night sweats and I am sleeping through the night which I haven't done for a long time. My mood swings have disappeared and I feel so much better in myself. Highly recommend it!


That's amazing Lynda, thank you so much for sharing your experience with MenoCalm!

New Zealand New Zealand
Super Product - would highly recommend

After only 3 days of taking Menocalm, flushes are non existent and sleep is much improved. Here's hoping it continues. Would highly recommend.


That's great Colette, thank you so much for sharing!

Fiona d.
New Zealand New Zealand
Didn't work for me

The delivery and service from Bepure was faultless and deserves 5 stars but sadly this product along with the sleep aid did not work for me. I had purchased this product to help deal with hot flushes and disturbed sleep. I eat a very healthy diet, no alcohol, very little caffeine and exercise and do yoga most days. If anything my flushes got worse along with poorer sleep so after 4 weeks I discontinued both products. Happy to say my flushes and sleep have both improved in the past 2 weeks with using Vit D and powdered magnesium. I did find the capsules quite large and at times difficult to swallow.


Hi Fiona, Thank you for leaving your review and I'm sorry to hear you didn't find BePure MenoCalm helpful. It sounds like you're doing a fantastic job at supporting your health and wellness through diet and lifestyle, and wonderful to hear that they have now improved :) There are some additional support options that we could chat about for menopausal hot flushes and sleep issues, so feel free to reach out to us via if you would like to chat more about this.

Karlene W.
New Zealand New Zealand
Meno Calm

I couldn't recommend this product enough. The night after I started it I slept through without waking with the dreaded hot flushes. I'm feeling so much better 3 weeks in - I finally feel like my myself & have so much more energy. Great product!


So pleased to hear you're feeling so much better ! Thanks for sharing Karlene!

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