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  • BePure EstroClear is an active daily detoxifier, scientifically formulated to support you in living with healthier, balanced hormones.

    Developed by Ben Warren, BePure EstroClear contains powerful natural ingredients that support up-regulating the detoxification system through the second phase of the liver.

    Formulated with a delicious chocolate and manuka honey flavoured protein-based powder, BePure EstroClear can be added to your morning smoothie to help bring your body back to healthy, energised hormonal balance, every day.

    To get the best benefit from BePure EstroClear it is recommended you take this alongside BePure One and BePure Three in the full BePure Hormone Health Pack.

    Who is it for?

    BePure EstroClear is designed to support anyone experiencing oestrogen dominance or symptoms of high oestrogen. Common signs of this include:

    • Stubborn weight gain (particularly around the hips, abdomen and thighs)*
    • Low energy or fatigue that is not remedied with sleep
    • Irregular or otherwise abnormal menstrual periods
    • PMS symptoms
    • Bloating (water retention)
    • Lack of concentration and memory loss
    • Mood swings
    • Headaches (especially premenstrually)
    • 'Man boobs' in males

    Why do we need BePure EstroClear?

    Oestrogen dominance is increasingly common in the modern world.

    This is linked to the lack of nutrients in our food, increased load on the liver from lifestyle factors, such as stress, and xenoestrogen toxins in our everyday self-care items and food. Xenoestrogens are molecules in the environment that mimic oestrogen in the body, creating oestrogen dominance.

    Our liver is simply not able to cope with this increased load and requires extra support to remove these harmful excess oestrogens from the body and bring your hormones back to balance.

    How long do I need to take EstroClear for?

    EstroClear may not be suitable for long-term use at the full dose for some individuals. After six months of use, please contact the BePure team to check in whether it is recommended for you to continue on the product. Or, if you have any queries within the first six months, please don't hesitate to contact us.

    Key active ingredients

    BePure contains powerful natural ingredients that support detoxification via the liver. These include, but are not limited to;

    estroclear ingredients


    BePure EstroClear is a very powerful product and our bodies are all unique therefore, we can all respond differently to the same nutritional product. If you have any questions around whether EstroClear is right for you, please contact the BePure team.

    If you currently experience any of the below, please contact the BePure team before choosing BePure EstroClear to determine whether it is right for you at this time:

    • Taking the Oral Contraceptive Pill
    • Post-menopause
    • PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome)
    • Taking Warfarin or blood thinning medication
    • Depression
    • Taking HRT, or other hormone, medication


    BePure EstroClear is not suitable for:

    • Peri-menopause
    • Pregnancy
    • Breastfeeding
    • Experiencing amenorrhea (absent periods)
    • Those with a shellfish allergy
    • Females with less than 18% body fat


    Other precautions:

    • May cause increased weight loss
    • Please contact BePure if you are currently taking the Oral Contraceptive Pill, as EstroClear may impact this in some women
    • Refer to your GP or pharmacist to check contraindications with medications, including SSRIs and antipsychotics
    • EstroClear may not be suitable for long-term use at the full dose for some individuals. After six months of use, please contact the BePure team to check in whether you need to continue on the product. 


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Angela Arrowsmith

More like " Stevia with a hint of Chocolate"

The Stevia taste in this is completely overwhelming! I feel like it's false advertising to call it Chocolate and manuka honey. I'm a big fan of all your other products but this one is gross! I wish I had listened to the other reviews. It's a shame you haven't left out the Stevia and advised you clients to add their own sweetener - this way I could have added manuka honey which would be great. I cannot consume this product at all! the stevia flavour is just to disgusting. Huge waste of money especially when I'm having health problems and finding it hard to work at the moment.


Hi Angela Thank you for taking the time to leave a review - we're sorry to hear you don't enjoy the flavour. There's so many amazing, beneficial ingredients in there but unfortunately this makes for some strong and unique flavours and so it proved quite hard for us to achieve a palatable taste using natural flavours and without adding any artificial nasties in there - which we definitely don't want to do. After a lot of trialling and feedback, the current flavour was the most popular initially. Overall, most of our customers enjoy the flavour but more importantly, see incredible results from EstroClear. In saying this, we have actually just tweaked the flavour formulation of all future batches of EstroClear - completely removing the stevia! We expect this new batch to be in stock and available to order at the beginning of December. We'd love to ensure you can make the most of the product you have on hand ensuring you can continue to use it and provide the amazing support to your hormones. Did you receive the e-book on some recipes for using it? If not, we can send this through to you. We would suggest using it in a smoothie and including a good source of fat, i.e. coconut milk, avocado, nut butter, which helps with both the texture and flavour, leafy greens or citrus to provide a bit of bitterness and balance out the stevia taste you don't enjoy and cinnamon is a great spice to mask strong flavours. Another way which can help with flavour is to make the smoothie the night before you have it and then keep in the fridge - this helps the flavours all blend together more. Or, if you can't take the full dose, half a scoop is still going to be great and then the flavour won't be as strong. The effect will just be more gradual so you'd need to take it a little longer. Please reach out if there's anything else we can support you with.

Rachel R.
New Zealand New Zealand

Estro clear

My face has cleared up!!! Awesome product

Anita H.
New Zealand New Zealand

So far so good

I have been taking EstroClear for 3 weeks now and haven't had a headache since. In the past 6 months I have been averaging 2 to 3 headaches a week so this is so good! Im also started taking Progesto Renew at the same time. I wasnt a fan of the powdery taste to start with but now I think it tastes ok. I put mine in a smoothie every morning. I havent noticed any other changes as of yet.

Priyanka P.
New Zealand New Zealand

Two words - Just Amazing!

I started using Estroclear a couple of months ago and I am mad i didnt find it earlier! It has got rid of my tender breasts, hormonal acne and given me more energy to enjoy the things I love doing!

Vanessa L.
New Zealand New Zealand

Best product ever!

I can’t believe how much energy I have after taking estroclear for a month!

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