BePure Personalised Health Programme


Cost: $195 per month

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BePure Personalised Health Programme is provided via our BePure Online Clinic and has been designed for people wanting to utilise BePure testing. This is fantastic for taking the guesswork out of health to better understand what diet, lifestyle and nutritional support is best for their unique body and health goals.

It provides you with a deeper look into what might be driving your health concerns with a BePure test every two months, personal BePure Holistic Health Consultant and personalised plan based on your subjective symptomology and test results.

The BePure Personalised Health Programme provides you with;

  • A personal BePure Holistic Health Consultant
  • Monthly consultations via video conferencing for test analysis, support and advice on your health journey
    • 15 minute consultation every two months
    • 1 hour consultation every two months 
  • An inclusive BePure Test every 2 months based on your specific needs
  • Full access to the myHealth platform
  • Data driven insights into what is happening inside your body and health
  • Personalised health, diet and lifestyle plan
  • Nutritional supporting products advice based on your personal needs

This package does not offer email support. Any phone support outside of the consultation time will be charged accordingly.

*Please note nutritional products are at additional cost. Please feel free to discuss this with our support team.

Not sure if the BePure Personalised Health Programme is for you? Chat with one of our BePure Holistic Health Consultants to see if it’s right for you and learn about our personalised approach to diet, lifestyle and nutritional support.

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If you have any questions about the BePure Personalised Health Programme or would like more information please email us at You can also view our BePure Personalised Health Programme Terms and Conditions at any time. 


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