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We are BePure
Our Story

BePure’s story is an inspiring one, as is our core purpose of transforming lives, for New Zealanders and across the globe, where people are empowered to take ‘self-health ownership’.

Our Story


BePure is a scientific wellness company founded by leading clinical nutritionist, Ben Warren. With a vision of happier and healthier communities across New Zealand and the world, BePure’s core purpose is to transform lives.
Understanding the crucial role of diet lifestyle and nutrition on our quality of life and wellness, BePure now empowers people on their health journeys through life changing education, high strength, high quality nutritional supplements and our leading holistic health clinic.
All of this builds towards our lofty vision and goal of creating 1 billion wellness days by 2023, whether this is through engaging with our education, supporting your health with one of our supplements, or on a clinic programme.



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Who We Are


Scientific wellness

We combine the power of scientific research with a deep knowledge of holistic health to provide a robust, trusted and effective solution to health.


First and foremost BePure is an educator. We believe education is the first step towards creating awareness and empowering our communities to take positive action for their health.

Self-health ownership

We want to provide our communities with education and tools that empower them to put their health, back in their hands and take back ownership of their health.

100% NZ owned

BePure was founded by Ben Warren in the Hawke’s Bay and continues to be 100% New Zealand owned and operated.

Wellbeing for the wholebeing

We believe great health is reliant on more than ‘one thing’. When our physical, mental wellness, connection and security needs are met, we have wellbeing.

Our Story


Ben started as a clinical nutritionist providing consultations out of an office in a gym in Havelock North under the brand name ‘Body CHEK NZ’

  • Ben recognised his clients were not getting the nutrients they needed, even from a ‘good diet’.
  • Ben researched soil quality in depth and learned how certain farming practices were depleting our soils of nutrients. Less nutrients in our soil, means less nutrients in our food.
2005 - 2010

Realising he was providing very similar basic nutrition advice to his clients, Ben started an educational evening course in the Hawke’s Bay area.


With the high demand for Ben’s evening seminars this evolved into his revered weekend seminars in Hawke’s Bay area.

  • Ben started working under the brand name BePure
  • Off the back of a request from a client to ‘put all the baseline nutrients we need into ONE product’, BePure One was born!

The BePure range grew as Ben launched a number of new products based on client need and his latest scientific research into health and nutrition.

  • The BePure brand relaunched
  • Ben spoke to a sell out crowd with his seminar series
  • BePure Clinic Havelock North Opened
  • BePure Clinic Auckland opened
  • BePure launched a number of new products including BePure EstroClear
  • BePure Laboratory opened
  • The BePure Clinic amalgamated into one clinic in Auckland and continued seeing clients online nationwide via video conferencing
  • BePure's sister company Eve Health at home testing launched
  • BePure continues to grow and launch new products and educational seminars to support people on their health journeys


Feel your best, every day with our high-strength, high quality, bioavailable nutritional products.
Wholefood Guide

Wholefood Guide

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