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The BePure Macronutrient Profile Test has been developed to help you identify which foods are best for your personal body type, to live with optimal health, energy and vitality.

There is no point starting any kind of eating regime, or following any kind of eating model, without first determining your macronutrient profile. Or, in simpler terms, what foods your body needs to thrive.

We are all different. We have different lifestyles and environments, and very importantly we all have different genetics. When finding what foods are right for you, it is your genetics, more than any other factor, that determine your optimal diet.

Some people thrive best on a protein or fat-rich diet, while others function optimally with a large amount of high quality complex carbohydrates.

Take the BePure Macronutrient Profile Test below to find out if you’re a Protein, Mixed or Carb type and be empowered by the knowledge of what foods are best for you personally to live with optimal health, energy and happiness.