Havelock North Clinic

The BePure Clinics are two of the leading natural health clinics in New Zealand. Whether you have an ongoing health concern, or are looking to up your commitment to your health and wellbeing, the BePure Clinics offer support and guidance from our team of expert clinical consultants to help you achieve your goals.

BePure Clinic Havelock North

BePure’s approach to health and wellbeing solutions applies personalised scientific, holistic and integrative practices towards achieving your personal health goals.

It is our mission for you understand your own personal health journey. In this we recognise that you and your health and wellbeing concerns are unique and require unique solutions. This has seen us generate huge success stories in helping people not only survive life, but live above the wellness line with optimal health, energy, happiness and longevity

Located in Ben Warren’s home town, BePure Clinic Havelock North is the founding clinic of BePure. Opening its doors in early 2015 this clinic is the culmination of Ben’s 15 years of clinical practice in the area of health and nutrition. Over our time here we have seen some mind-blowing transformations and success stories from our clients.

At the BePure Clinic our highly skilled team of clinical consultants work one on one with clients towards their personal health goals. This is achieved through extensive testing, listening and the application of holistic, integrated practices by our team of skilled clinical consultants. Alongside you they work to discover your own personal health story, then provide you with personalised solutions, unique to your genetics, environment and emotional wellbeing to get your health on track.

If you have an ongoing health concern, or are looking to up your commitment to your health and wellbeing then get in touch and ask about our programmes.

How can our Clinical Consultants Support you?

BePure Clinical Consultants can support you with a range of health concerns. Below is a list of what our BePure Clinics specialise in. It is by no means exhaustive. If you have a question about a health concern that is not on this list please contact us at clinic@bepure.co.nz

Hormonal health, auto-immune conditions, weight loss, diabetes, thyroid concerns, fatigue, mood disorders, depression, anxiety, stress management, behavioural disorders, ADHD, gut health and digestive issues, energy and adrenal fatigue, detoxification, fertility and preconception care, sleep dysregulation, skin health, allergies, inflammation, musculoskeletal pain and athletic performance.

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Meet the team

All BePure Clinical Consultants have strong experience supporting clients with a wide range of health concerns. They have also been personally trained by Ben Warren in the the full spectrum of health, specifically the areas of hormonal health, gut health, auto-immunity, adrenal fatigue and nutrient deficiencies. 


Ben Warren - BePure Clinic Havelock North

Ben Warren - Clinical Director

As one of New Zealand's leading nutrition and holistic health experts, Ben has been doing his thing, undistracted by waves of wellness trends for the last 15 years. He has made it his mission to build a new future of health by empowering and educating New Zealanders on the importance of nutrition and his work is making people sit up and listen. Over 50,000 people have seen Ben speak at his seminars, and he recently presented at Tedx on health and longevity in the modern world.

Ben founded BePure over 10 years ago in the Hawke’s Bay, providing unique nutritional programmes and protocols which have seen some mind-blowing transformations with his clients. From reversing the parameters of type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and allergies, to helping people overcome struggles with chronic fatigue and weight gain.

Ben leads the team of Clinical Consultants at the BePure Clinic and when he is not travelling around the country speaking, he oversees the Vitality and Longevity Protocols, an eight month programme through the BePure Clinic. Ben also works closely with Olympic athletes, leading New Zealand sports teams and individuals on their nutrition and lifestyle interventions to improve their performance.

Msc (hons) Holistic Nutrition, BA (hons) Experimental Psychology
Level 3 CHEK Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach
Level 2 CHEK Musculoskeletal Therapist
Level 2 TFH, Level 2 EFT
Continued education in soil agronomy.


Rachel Bird - Clinical Consultant

Having reached a high point in the corporate world and feeling unsatisfied in her work, Rachel realised her dream of helping people and retrained as a Naturopath and Medical Herbalist. She is now an enthusiastic member of the BePure consultancy team. Rachel specialises in fertility management, preconception care, hormone health, mental health, fatigue and children’s health. She is passionate about empowering others to achieve their health goals and living their life to the fullest, and in doing so draws extensively on her own journey to health.

BA in psychology with a commerce major in business and marketing from Canterbury University
Diploma in Herbal Medicine and Diploma in Naturopathy from South Pacific College of Natural Medicine, Auckland
Bachelor of Health Science in from Charles Sturt Uni, Australia Natural Fertility Management Qualification with Francesca Naish Certified Health Coach and Holistic Healthcare Practitioner from Institute of Integrative Nutrition, New York

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Jane Dallimore - Clinical Consultant

Disillusioned with the medical model as a GP, Jane searched for a more holistic approach that was in keeping with her beliefs. She found her way to BePure and is working with clients on the VLP Programme as well as being the Hemaview Consultant at the BePure Clinic.

Jane is passionate about having the tools available for great health and wellbeing. She loves working with clients and watching their health improve. She is also interested in keeping up to date with current research in the field of healthcare and giving our clients the benefit of this.

MBChB University of Auckland, BSc (Chem) University of Otago, Qualified Hemaview Practitioner.

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Katie Griffin - Clinical Consultant

Katie has a strong interest in correcting digestive complaints, rebuilding gut health and improving female hormone balance.

She is passionate about holistic health through her own journey correcting her health concerns. She wants to help others on their own journey so they don’t have to go through a confusing process of trial and error. Katie strongly believes that health is everything. “Without your mental or physical health, life can be a huge struggle.”

Certified Holistic Health Coach at IIN & BCApSc - Bachelor of Consumer and Applied Science, Majoring in Food Science.

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Corey Waterreus - Clinical Consultant

Having practiced martial arts for 26 years, alongside 17 years experience as a personal trainer in the fitness industry, Corey is well versed on the body and its function. During this time Corey began integrating lifestyle and nutritional approaches into his work and was spurred to move into this line of work by the positive results he achieved with clients.

Corey specialises in working with children and elite athletes and his work focuses on gut health and its effect on daily life and performance.

C.H.E.K Practitioner (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology)
Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach
IIN Health Coach
Netfit Personal Trainer

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Unita Harold - Clinical Consultant

Unita is interested in the holistic connection between the mind and body in regards to health and wellbeing. Coming from a psychology background Unita came to find a huge gap in what psychology alone was able to offer in making people better or whole again.

Stemming from this, her work led her to the interconnection between mind and body dualism, where she found the importance of nutritional support in broad spectrum mental health. Unita recognises we all struggle to live within the jungle we call life and she is incredibly passionate about helping people find their best path through this to live a full and happy life

Bachelor of Science - Major in Psychology
Post Graduate Diploma - Major in Industrial Organisational Psychology
Masters of Thesis - In Cognition and Nutrition: Looking at the black currant supplement and whether it could ameliorate the effects of physical fatigue on cognitive performance.

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Germaine Mews - BePure Clinic Havelock North

Germaine Meeuws - Clinic Administration Manager

With an extensive background in Corporate Administration Management, Germaine brings a wealth of experience and support to the Havelock North team.

She has experienced first hand and with amazing results the positive impact of Health and Nutrition in her life.

She is 100% percent committed to supporting and helping others reach their health goals.

Diploma in Applied Business - Human Resource Management


Contact the clinic

Our clinic is located at:
5/24 Porter Drive, Havelock North, Hawkes Bay.
Our opening hours are 9am - 5pm, Monday-Friday.

If you'd like to book in a consultation, please get in touch:
Phone: 0800 87 37 87 ext #1
Email: clinic@bepure.co.nz