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BePure Holistic Health Consultation


Stricly Limited Availability  – Book in with a BePure Holistic Health Consultant for a 45min consultation. Get in quick!

This is a great opportunity if you are wanting some ideas on how to kickstart supporting your health in 2019 and an introduction into how BePure can support you on your health journey to reach your goals. 


The BePure Holistic Health Consultation provides you with;

  • A 45min holistic health consultation with an Online BePure Holistic Health Consultant*
  • Set personal health and wellness goals under the guidance of your skilled Consultant
  • Diet, lifestyle and nutrition recommendations that are best for your unique body and health goals
  • Learn motivational and habit-forming tactics to continue on your health journey
  • Access to the myHealth platform
  • Access to personalised blood tests at an additional cost
  • Nutritional supporting products advice based on your personal needs
  • Optional: To book in for a follow-up consultation

*Consultations are via video conference only.

This BePure Holistic Health Consultation does not offer email support. Any phone support outside of the consultation time will be charged accordingly.

*Please note nutritional products, blood tests and the follow-up consultation are at additional cost. Please feel free to discuss this with our support team by emailing support@bepure.co.nz.


**The BePure Holistic Health Consultation has been designed for those who are new to BePure and are wanting to know if BePure is right for them. It is also beneficial for those who have been on the BePure Essentials Programme prior. It is not suitable for those who have been on BePure Comprehensive Programmes prior.


Note: All BePure testing is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure. Insights gained into your health through our testing methods are designed to measure for normal function to support health only.