Clinic Testing

At the BePure Clinic we’re passionate about understanding the true source of your personal health concern. This is why we employ gold standard testing to take the guesswork out of your health.

Through combining this scientific approach with BePure's grounding in holistic health in nutrition clients then work one on one with our skilled Clinical Consultants to interpret their test results. From this personalised solutions are created based on diet, lifestyle and nutritional support for long term health and energy.

Standard pathology testing

Any GP or doctor in New Zealand can administer these tests. Your GP is looking for diagnosis of a disease, what we look for is something entirely different. On the other spectrum we’re looking at a range within your test results that suits having optimal health, rather than simply looking for disease or ‘not being sick’.

This type of testing gives quite general results. However it provides a good indication for where to look next for more specialised testing.

Comprehensive Stool Parasitology Testing with Analysis

This is the most comprehensive stool test you can do. We work with an American lab for this test, as no lab in New Zealand will provide results to the level of detail we look for at BePure.

The Comprehensive Stool Parasitology Test looks for pathogens and dysbiosis biota in your digestive system to find exactly what is driving people’s gut problems and other immune related issues. The test also provides specific information on how to remove these unhealthy pathogens from our system to promote healthy flora for optimal gut and digestive health.

IGG/IGA Elisa testing

A food allergy and food intolerance pin prick blood test to measure whether your body is making immune molecules to 96 different foods.

We use this to detect which foods are causing inflammation and gut problems to completely take the guess work out of people’s diets and help them to easily eliminate what foods their immune system is reacting to.

Saliva cortisol testing

This tests for adrenal and HPA axis dysfunction which is highly related to low energy and fatigue.

If a dysfunction is found, this is an indication of adrenal fatigue. With the clinical level of the dysfunction highlighted in the test we can then support your adrenals accordingly based on the severity of the dysfunction.

D.U.T.C.H testing for hormones

A urine test for testing both men’s and women’s hormones. The D.U.T.C.H test provides a complete overview of your hormonal cascade and is one of the most comprehensive tests for uncovering hormone imbalances. For females this is highly related with issues around PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, fertility and more. For males this helps with measuring the likes of optimal testosterone levels.

Hair Tissue Analysis

A screening test to detect heavy metals in your body. It measures what is circulating in your blood over the time period that the hair has grown. It is also used for a screening of nutrient levels over that time period and showing micro-nutrient levels within the blood.

Organic Acid testing

This measures urine metabolites. It provides insight into whether someone has bacterial, yeast or clostridium overgrowth within their intestinal tract. It also provides information around genetic biomarkers and metabolism of amino acid, as well as good indications of nutrient levels. Additional glyphosphate, environmental toxins and phosphalipase A2 testing can also be requested as part of the Organic Acid testing, which is very highly associated with chronic inflammation and pain.

Specialist methylation and mental health testing

There are specific gene expressions that are associated with mental health. This tests for those biomarkers.

Genetic Testing

This involves full spectrum genetic testing of the over 12,000 genetic variations and major metabolic pathways. BePure then interprets these for the individual in consideration of their health concerns, family history and future health risks to take the guesswork out of your health.

The BePure Clinic also utilises other unique specialist tests dependant on client requirements. For more information please call us on 0800873787 or email