Clinic Programmes

“The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are not short term. There’s prevention, then performance and lastly longevity. How do we keep our energy and passion for life as we age? I believe people should die of old age in perfect health and that’s what I help people do.”

- Ben Warren

BePure is a scientifically driven holistic health and nutrition company, founded and fronted by leading clinical nutritionist and holistic health expert Ben Warren.

Ben and the BePure Clinic team work to support individuals in living with optimal health and energy.

Offering personalised holistic health solutions, the BePure approach focuses on diet, lifestyle and nutritional support. Being scientifically driven our recommendations are founded on gold standard scientific testing, to find out the true source of your health concern, and are tailored to your individual health goals.


Our Programmes

Working with a BePure Clinical Consultant our Programmes work to address your health concerns directly and empower you with the knowledge, support and understanding you need each day to reach your health goals and live with the energy and vitality you desire.

Clinical experience has taught us that best results are obtained when clients commit to a number of consultations over a number of months. We simply cannot address all of the necessary dietary, lifestyle and wellness strategies you need in one or two appointments.

Our one on one Programmes allow the BePure clinical team to work with you over time and support you in making long term, positive changes to your lifestyle and your health.

We offer three wellness programmes at BePure, suited to a range of people, your personal health needs and goals.

How can you see us at the Clinic?

Our Programmes are available both at our BePure Clinic Auckland and at the BePure Clinic Havelock North, as well is nationwide via Skype and phone consults.

How can our BePure Programmes Support you?

Our BePure Programmes are designed to support you with a range of health concerns. Below is a list of what our BePure Clinics and Clinical Consultants specialise in. It is by no means exhaustive. If you have a question about a health concern that is not on this list please contact us at 

Hormonal health, auto-immune conditions, weight loss, diabetes, thyroid concerns, fatigue, mood disorders, depression, anxiety, stress management, behavioural disorders, ADHD, gut health and digestive issues, energy and adrenal fatigue, detoxification, fertility and preconception care, sleep dysregulation, skin health, allergies, inflammation, musculoskeletal pain and athletic performance.


BePure Foundation Programme

Foundation Programme

Our four month BePure Foundation Programme is designed for those who want to deep dive into dietary and lifestyle recommendations and make impactful changes for their health, wellbeing and energy.

We work one on one with you to help understand what foods will help you thrive more as an individual and what foods are best to avoid. You'll also be given structured advice on what exercise is best for you and how to integrate this all into your lifestyle.

This Programme does not offer clinical testing. The focus is on diet, lifestyle and nutritional support.

A prerequisite for this Programme is a self-requested Vitamin D test and a Zinc test. This is to assess simple base-levels of two essential micronutrients. Your Consultant will explain how to do these tests as part of the sign-up process.

Over the course of the four months you will receive;

  • A Health Assessment Questionnaire to identify your key health concerns
  • A Macronutrient Profile test to identify what foods are best for you
  • 5 hours of consultation time, including your initial consult and explanation of your Health Assessment Questionnaire and Macronutrient Profile test.
  • The 6 week online BePure Programme, including meal planning, recipes and lifestyle advice (included free)
  • Dietary and lifestyle recommendations tailored to your goals
  • Tailored nutraceutical recommendations with practitioner only products*

This package does not offer email support. Any phone support outside of the five hour consultation time will be charged accordingly.

Over the course of the four months, you will have one 90 minute consultation and three follow up consultations. This means you will speak to your consultant approximately once a month.

*Please note nutritional products are at additional cost.

$700 paid in four monthly instalments of $175 or $650 if paid in full.

For more information, or if you have any questions about our Foundation Programme please email 

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BePure Comprehensive Programme

Comprehensive Programme

Our Comprehensive Programme is a six month Programme for people wanting to utilise testing and take a deeper look into what is driving their health concerns.

Sometimes making dietary and lifestyle changes isn’t enough to get the results you want and testing is needed to really understand what is going on in your body.

At BePure we utilise gold standard testing that allows you, and your Clinical Consultant, to get to the heart of what is happening for your unique situation. Pairing this with the Comprehensive Programme over the prescribed six month period enables you to focus intensively on your health and achieve the outcomes you desire.

On top of this you will also be supported with additional nutritional, lifestyle and dietary advice, including recipes, exercise recommendations and support on how to integrate these changes into your life long term.

Over the course of 6 months you will receive;

  • 10 hours of time with a BePure Clinical Consultant, including consultations and support phone calls.
  • 3 hours of dedicated research, planning and analysis of your results.
  • The 6 week online BePure Programme, including meal planning, recipes and lifestyle advice (included free)
  • Gold standard testing options based on your specific needs.*
  • Tailored nutraceutical recommendations with practitioner only products**
  • A tailored folder containing your protocols, results, suggestions and dietary and lifestyle recommendations.
This package does not offer email support. Any phone support outside of the allocated three hours will be charged accordingly.

Over the course of the six months, you will have one 90 minute initial consultation plus an additional one hour consult and 30 minute phone support each month following. 

*Please note there is an additional cost for testing and analysis.
**Nutritional products are at additional cost.

$1700 paid in six monthly instalments of $283.30, or $1650 if paid in full.

If you have any questions about the Comprehensive Programme, or would like more information please email us at

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BePure VLP Programme

VLP - Vitality Longevity Programme

Our 8 month Vitality Longevity Programme takes all the guesswork out of your health.

Through extensive testing, comprehensive and progressive protocols devised and monitored by your BePure Clinical Consultant this is the ultimate plan for uncovering and addressing your specific, individual needs and health concerns.

The VLP Programme utilises all available gold standard scientifically supported methods of analysis and treatment. The Programme uses extensive testing, diet and nutraceuticals to help you achieve optimal health, energy and happiness long term.

  • Who would the VLP Programme would suit?
    The VLP Programme is suited to people with chronic health conditions, or those seeking optimal health and performance. It is BePure’s premium offering for supporting our clients.
  • How much does the VLP Programme cost?
    If you are interested in the VLP Programme, it begins with a complimentary 30 minute consultation with Ben Warren to assess whether or not the Programme is suitable for you. The Programme is designed to get at the cause of any health issue.

    An estimate will be arranged for you based on your needs after your consultation with Ben. The estimate will include a base fee of $5,995 for consultations as well as an estimated cost for testing and nutraceuticals.
For more information, or if you have any questions about our Foundation Programme please email 

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