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What's On Your Mind?

Real conversations about mental health.

Join us for an intimate evening, dedicated to chatting about exactly how we can nurture our mind-body connection to support mental wellbeing.

When: Wednesday 25 September, 7pm-9pm
Where: BePure HQ, Level 2, 22 Pollen Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland Central


What's On Your Mind?

What's on the cards?

  • Eye-opening talk on holistically nurturing mental wellbeing by Helen Duyvestyn, from our BePure Clinic.
  • Panel with Beatrice Thorne from Eve Health, and Lily Clark and Anna Birchall from BePure, sharing their journeys, ups, downs, and topsy-turvies, with mental health.
  • Tish McNicol, also from BePure will be our wonderful MC and event facilitator.
  • After the talk and panel, there will be time for questions, followed by treats, and an opportunity to have one-on-one conversations with our BePure Holistic Health Consultants.
  • Goodie bags from our friends at Libertine Blends, Moon Turtle – A Mood Journal, Brthe., Grin, BePure and more to be announced!

    Helen Duyvestyn, BePure Holistic Health Consultant 

    Helen is one of our incredible Holistic Health Consultants at the BePure Clinic. With an advanced diploma in nursing, a master's degree in health science and an impressive array of certification, Helen joined the BePure team with over 20 years nursing experience. 15 of these years were spend in the mental health and psychiatry arena.

    With an incredibly warm and positive outlook on life, Helen is our expert when it comes to mental health and mindful wellness and her passion is the physiological aspect of health.

        Lily Clark, BePure General Manager

        Our incredible Lily, the lungs of BePure that keeps this ecosystem full of life. Born on the wild West Coast of Auckland, Lily is a self professed ocean and all round nature lover.

        Constantly driven to find purpose in her work and find ways to help others Lily’s path has led her to becoming the General Manager of BePure. But that path has also had many road bumps, wrong turns and right out head on collisions. These include a long journey with her mental health, hormones and gut health that she is incredibly excited to share with others in the hope of connection and inspiring others to seek out their own unique journey of wellness.

          Beatrice Thorne, Head of Eve Health

          Beatrice has been on a huge journey when it comes to her hormone health and mental wellness. Her hormone journey is what led her to become Head of Eve Health, to educate, inspire and empower women to put their health back in their own hands.

          Beatrice is also trained as a yoga teacher and is hugely passionate about wellness. She has a particular interest in the effects food and nutrients have on our health, and how mindfulness practices can aid us in our lives, health and relationships.

              Anna Birchall, BePure and Moon Turtle – A Mood Journal

              Anna is our incredibly talented BePure Design and Marketing Executive, as well as being the creative mind behind Moon Turtle – A Mood Journal.

              Throughout her health journey, Anna became particularly interested in the mind-body connection, and what a holistic approach to creating wellness both physically and mentally looks like in everyday life. BePure has played a big role in nurturing this inclination, and naturally supports her little side project –  Moon Turtle: A Mood Journal which was born out of a want to share the value of the little things we do every day that impact how we think and feel, and empower people to begin to create mental wellness too. 

                  Tish McNicol, BePure and Honey Pot 

                  Tish is our passionate BePure Junior Marketing Manager and creator of Honey Pot – A project born out of a need to rebuild community that is abundant in love and compassion. 

                  Tish is also a trained yoga teacher and for her, yoga is a lifestyle. Going back to her roots and bringing intention to her practices, she hopes that everyone can also take their own intention off the mat into everyday life. Having the ability to be present, clear the mind and connect the body with breath, is fundamental for her when it comes to creating mental wellness. This simple philosophy is what she shares with the world, to support others in living a more joyful, happy and healthy life.


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