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BSCG Certification

Constantly dedicated to providing you with quality products that are of the safest standard, we are pleased to announce BePure is the first New Zealand company to receive a BSCG Certified Drug Free® certification for our nutritional products BePure One, BePure Three and BePure CoQ10.

Providing nutritional support products of the utmost quality is something BePure is completely dedicated to. Each batch of our certified BePure nutritional support products are BSCG tested and certified. 

All BePure nutritional products have been personally developed by Ben Warren to include the highest quality ingredients to support your optimal health, energy and happiness. But we didn’t want to stop there when it came to our assurance of your body's wellbeing.

Recently BePure saw the growing importance of having the BePure nutritional product range BSCG certified to ensure both the quality and safety of our ingredients with independent testing. This was both in response to professional athletes wanting to enjoy the benefits of BePure products, but also in response to a national concern, with undeclared steroids recently found in other company’s NZ products.

While many people enjoying BePure’s nutritional products are professional athletes, most are everyday people - mothers, sisters, daughters, fathers, brothers and sons. We see this certification as equally important to both groups in providing assurance that our products are free of any banned substance control group or contamination that could be at all harmful to your health. 

All BePure products are developed to promote and support your optimal health, happiness and energy. To those who are currently part of the BePure community and on our product range, we feel privileged to be walking with you on your health journey and trust that this new certification will be well received.

As always, if you have any questions, please give the BePure team a call on 0800 52 54 52 or send us an email