BePure Summer of Wellness

Welcome to the BePure Summer of Wellness. My goal this summer is to help everyone feel empowered to live a balanced happy and healthy lifestyle. If we are feeling energised and revitalised, we can do the things that truly excite us in life all summer long.


About the Summer of Wellness 

Summer is coming. With it will be delicious summer dishes, outdoor adventures and social gatherings with family and friends. With long sunny days, warmer oceans and bright and colourful fruit and veggies in abundance, this really is a really nourishing time of year for our happiness and health.  

However, it can also be a challenging time to eat the right foods, manage your stress and with your kids of school, it can also be a balancing act to make time for you! In light of this the BePure team and I have created the BePure Summer of Wellness to support you on your health journey during this time.     

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Week Three: Travel Health Hacks

Remembering to take your nutritional support on the go is not always the easiest feat, but with some prior planning, it is 100% possible.

Because I know you’ll all be on the move over summer, often living out of a packed bag for a few weeks, I’ve put together some BePure travel health hacks to empower you to live a happy, healthy lifestyle all summer long. 

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Week two: Managing Expectations 

While the festive season might make it harder to stick to your usual wellness routine, it is still achievable to live a happy, healthy lifestyle throughout the silly season.

To help you feel empowered, we’ve put together some tips to support you managing expectations this festival season. They will help you feel like your happiest, healthiest self and in doing so, you might even find more people around you are keen to jump on board.

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Week One: Nourish with Nutrients 

Nutritional support gives your body the essential nutrients it needs to function optimally each day, which will help you feel your best. 

At this time of year we all know there will be indulgences, but we don’t want you to feel completely restricted. So, instead of giving things up entirely, start by adding 'good things' in. 

To lessen the pressure of having to do everything, simply chose something good to ‘add in’ while you’re enjoying the break. The simple way to do this is remembering to take your nutritional support.


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