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BePure Investor Presentation

Firstly, thank you for expressing your interest in becoming a shareholder of BePure.

As you know, we believe our story is a pretty inspiring one. As are our ambitions for a new and exceedingly better future of health for New Zealanders and the World, where people are educated and empowered to take ‘self-health ownership’.

Will you be joining us on this journey?

Register for the BePure Investor Presentation to gain further insights into what it means to be a BePure Shareholder.

ONLINE BePure Investor Presentation

Wednesday 21 August, 6.30pm 

Join Ben Warren, Founder and Clinical Director of BePure and Andrew Laloli, CEO of BePure to dive deeper into the following:

  • Our mission, vision and core values
  • Where we are currently and where we are headed
  • Why we are doing what we are doing
  • Industry milestones
  • Key successes of BePure – Revenue growth, re-launch of the BePure brand, launch and growth of retail
  • Detail into the three businesses: BePure Health, BePure Clinic and Eve Health
  • Understanding into our target audience and who we are helping
  • Opportunities in the overseas markets
  • How we are going to invest
  • Assumptions for BePure's forecast
  • Potential risks
  • Answer your pre-submitted questions


    Nourishing over 50,000 people with nutrients since 2010