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“Supporting your community to live well, is one of the best things you can do for your own health and happiness.”

- Ben Warren

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The Gut-Brain Connection

The Gut-Brain Connection presented by Ben Warren  

Often feeling anxious or low?
Battling bloating or indigestion?
A gut feeling something's not quite right?

Join leading Clinical Nutritionist, Ben Warren, for an eye-opening evening seminar on the latest research into our interlinked gut-brain connection and start learning how nourishing your gut could nurture a more calm, joyful and peaceful mind.

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    What Food Is Right For Me?

    WEBINAR: What Food Is Right For You?

    Join leading clinical nutritionist Ben Warren for this inspiring and empowering webinar on what food is right for you and learn 7 tips to find your personal food and nutrition needs.

    • Why fad diets and trends are not suited to everyone
    • What nutrients are most important for your body and health
    • What foods are actually harming our body and health
    • How to ensure you get the nutrients your body needs
    • Why it doesn't have to be expensive to eat right and be healthy