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BePure EstroClear - Helpful Guidelines

Congratulations on taking this positive step for your health with BePure. Ben and the team are excited to be supporting you on your health journey. 

BePure EstroClear is an active daily detoxifier, scientifically formulated to support you in living with healthier, balanced hormones. Ben recommends combining BePure EstroClear with the ultimate daily multivitamin, BePure One and the high strength fish oil, BePure Three.

The powerful combination of these nutrients provides your body with the essential materials needed to build healthy hormones while also upregulating your liver to clear any unneeded hormones and toxins from the body.  Bringing your body back to healthy, energised hormonal balance, every day.

Alongside combining BePure EstroClear with BePure One and BePure Three, Ben recommends following the BePure principles within the BePure Programme of a clean, whole foods diet, eating right for your macronutrient profile to balance your blood sugar levels and following a healthy lifestyle and exercise regime that best suits you.

Below you will find some useful guidelines and resources for getting the most out of your BePure Hormone Health Pack and developing your personal routine and lifestyle changes, towards reaching your personal health goals.










Need some extra support on your health journey? Check out our online support and education resources below. Our customer support team are also available on 0800 52 54 52 or

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Getting Started

When taking your BePure products it is important to understand that these are high quality, high strength products, packed with the ideal level of nutrients to support you each day.

To get started, here are a few key directions for taking your BePure nutritional support:

  • Always eat before taking your nutritionals.
  • Follow the table below for instructions on dosage throughout the day.
  • If this is your first time taking BePure products we recommend starting slowly.
    • BePure One – Start with 1 - 3 a day for the first few days and build up to the full dose.
    • BePure Three – If you experience reflux, it is highly likely that you are in need of additional zinc stores. BePure Zinc Restore will support this.
    • BePure EstroClear – Take one scoop of BePure EstroClear with 250ml of liquid, if you experience a detox reaction, reduce to 1/2 scoop and call the BePure Support Team. See contact details below.  
  • Try not to drink too much water when taking with food. Water reduces the performance of your stomach acid, which is vital to digestion. 

Not following the above directions may cause nausea. If you have any adverse side effects please call or email us on 0800 52 54 52 or

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BePure Nutritional Directions

BePure EstroClear Nutritional Directions

*Please note BePure One and BePure Three are not included with BePure EstroClear, however they are recommended to be taken in conjunction.

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A detox reaction can be quite common when beginning your BePure nutritional support. The high-strength nature of our products up-regulates your detoxification system, resulting in what we refer to as the 'healing crisis'. This is when you feel worse before you feel better long term.

Be sure to take your products with food and drink plenty of water regularly throughout the day to give your body the best chance of eliminating the toxins. If you are experiencing adverse symptoms with the full dosage each day, reduce this and gradually build up to the full amount over a two to three week period. If you experience ongoing adverse symptoms, please contact our support team on or 0800 52 54 52.

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On BePure subscription you are entitled to several exciting benefits. Read below for a quick refresh.

The full BePure subscription T&C's can also be found on the BePure website. 

  • You'll maintain the special discounted price on all the subscription orders.
  • Flexibility to manage your subscription orders.
  • Remember to join our BePure Facebook Community Group for extra support on your health journey too.
  • Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for weekly tips, hacks and information on the latest updates in the health and wellness space.
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BSCG Certified Drug Free

Constantly dedicated to providing you with quality products that are of the safest standard, we are pleased to announce BePure is the first New Zealand company to receive a BSCG Certified Drug Free® certification for our nutritional products BePure One, BePure Three and BePure Ten. Full details are available on the BePure BSCG certification page.

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What other people have said

"Ordered yesterday and it arrived this morning!! Beyond excited! Amazing service Thank you Ben Warren"

– Jules Vaile, BePure Instagram review on the BePure Hormone Health Pack

"I'm so excited and relieved that there is a product I know I can trust from a company that looks after our best interests. Looking forward to receiving mine in the mail soon!"

– Annie Harrington, BePure Facebook review on the BePure Hormone Health Pack

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If you have any questions our BePure support team are always here to help. Simply email them on or call 0800 52 54 52.



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