Benefits of BePure Autoship

As Ben explains, health is not a short term solution. It takes time for the body to heal and regenerate. Nutrition is literally the building blocks to your cells. That's why we believe it's so important to provide your body with the additional nutritional support it needs long term to build it back to health.

If you're wondering where to start with including extra nutrition into your everyday life, Ben recommends the BePure Everyday Health Pack as the base level of support everyone will benefit from. 

So, what is autoship? 

BePure autoship is a subscribe and save option available on all the BePure nutritionals. We created this option to support you in working toward your long-term health goals while also saving you time and money on every BePure order.


Benefits of autoship 

  • When purchasing a BePure Pack receive a FREE 15 minute consult with the BePure Clinic team.
  • A special discounted 'autoship' price on all recurring orders.
  • Exclusive access to special offers and giveaways from some of BePure's favourite health and wellbeing companies each month.
  • Flexibility to manage your account, change shipment dates, skip orders and adjust frequncy of delivery.
  • Automatically have your products shipped to you when you need them.
  • Access to daily health and wellness tips on the BePure Facebook, Private Community Group and Instagram
  • You'll also get Ben's latest research delivered to your inbox when you sign up for the weekly newsletter

BePure autoship products

Managing your autoships

To support you more with managing your autoships, you now have the flexibility to change shipment dates, skip orders and adjust delivery frequency.

To manage your autoship, simply login to your BePure account on our store, click on manage autoship and follow the directions. Simple. 

Shouldn't I be able to get enough nutrients from my food?

Eating and living well are crucial but they are only part of the BePure approach.

We believe that the perfect foundation for reclaiming your health and energy is adding extra nutrients to your meals, eating nourishingnutrient-dense whole foods and doing exercise that's right for you.

Ben has extensively researched our soils here in New Zealand and discovered that they aren’t as nutrient-rich as many of us believe them to be. As a result, optimal levels of nutrients aren’t getting absorbed into our food. So, even if you’re eating healthy, whole foods, you still need to add additional nutritionals to your diet every day.

We know adding quality BePure nutritionals to your daily routine can be a big commitment to your health so we created a way to subscribe and save with BePure autoship.  


If you have any questions our BePure support team are always here to help. Simply email them on or call 0800 52 54 52.