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Now is the time to err towards caution and prioritise collective wellness. With that in mind, our best course of action is to postpone the upcoming Back to Balance nationwide tour. 


Of course, no one knows how the current situation will evolve but please rest assured that we will act in accordance with the guidance by public health agencies and experts to ensure the safety and well-being of you, our precious community! 


With that in mind, we have organised tentative series of rescheduled tour dates, so that we can share this incredible information with you at a time that feels more appropriate. 


All originally purchased tickets will (or course!) be valid for the new dates. However, if you would prefer you are also entitled to refunds, please send  us an email at with your name and event location. 


For now, we invite you to have compassion for yourselves and others amongst the uncertainty that's in the air. 



Feel at home with your hormones from womanhood to motherhood.


Tentatively, in June please join New Zealand’s leading clinical nutritionist and holistic health expert, Ben Warren, and Eve Health’s General Manager, Beatrice Thorne, for an evening to unlock the secrets of your cycle and rediscover internal balance.


In this special event, Beatrice shares her personal hormone journey through getting her cycle back to now preparing her body for pregnancy, as well as insights from Eve Health's research team.

Ben shares his passion for supporting women in finding optimal health and wellness, from his years of clinical experience and the latest research and findings on how our modern world and lifestyle is impacting our hormones.

Irregular periods? PMS? Fertility on your mind? Or feeling out of balance?


Hormonal issues include irregular periods – or no periods at all, anxiety, fluctuating moods, insomnia, chronic stress, skin issues, poor energy, bloating and difficulty falling pregnant.

87% of 14,000 Kiwi women experience hormone issues that impacted them on a daily basis.

But what if it didn't have to be this way? After this special event, you'll walk away with a deeper understanding of how your cycle and hormones influence whole-body wellness, realistic and easy-to-implement tips for finding hormonal harmony, and confident in how to work with your body—not against it.

Who is this event for?

This event has been created by Ben and Beatrice for people of all ages experiencing or supporting someone experiencing:

  • Heavy, irregular or absent periods
  • PMS symptoms including low mood and/or mood swings, bloating, pain, brain fog, fatigue and anxiety
  • Diagnosed hormone conditions including PCOS and endometriosis
  • Contraception, conception and fertility
  • Pregnancy and post-natal health
  • Those interested in a holistic, natural approach to women's wellness.

While this tour is designed to educate women on their hormonal lifecycle, we absolutely encourage men to join us to learn about their partner’s hormone, and overall health.

What will you learn?

In this 2-hour event, Ben and Beatrice will share:

  • The life cycle of women’s hormones and why a healthy, ovulatory cycle is so important for whole body wellness—regardless of whether you’re trying to conceive
  • Why PMS and other menstruation issues occur, and why it doesn’t have to be the norm
  • What is disrupting our hormones in the modern world, and how this impacts our mental, emotional and physical health
  • How diet and lifestyle factors can positively support hormone health throughout a woman’s lifetime
  • Realistic tips for optimising hormone health to support nurturing great mental and physical wellness.

Seminar Series

What does your body want you to know?

What does your body want you to know?

Hormone Health Questionnaire

Begin to understand the role that hormones play in your whole body wellness across your life-cycle, and what you can do to bring balance back to your body.