Autoship Special Offers

Wow, January dashed by quickly! As you may know, we launched our first ever BePure Gut Health nutritional support products toward the end of January, BePure Gut Renew Probiotic and BePure Gut Assist.

The BePure Team and I are also working hard on some very exciting projects we will be announcing soon. Keep an eye out for details. 

Thank you for being a valued member of the BePure autoship community. On BePure autoship you are entitled to several exciting perks. Read below for a quick refresh or head to the bottom of the page for a full update on what these are.

  • A FREE 15 minute consult with the BePure Clinic team*.
  • You'll maintain the special discounted price on all the autoship orders.
  • Flexibility to manage your autoship orders.
  • Remember to join our BePure Facebook Community Group for extra support on your health journey too.
  • Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for weekly tips, hacks and information on the latest updates in the health and wellness space. 

As part of autoship, each month you will ALSO receive 3 NEW exclusive, special offers from some of BePure's favourite health and wellbeing companies!  

February BePure autoship special offers

This February we've teamed up with our health and wellness friends at Misty Day Plant PotionsPlate Up and Cocoché, to bring you these exclusive BePure autoship discount codes.

These special offers are valid from Monday, February 5 through to Sunday, March 5. While tempting to share, please note that these offers are exclusive to BePure autoship customers only.


Misty Day Plant Potion BePure Autoship

Misty Day Plant Potions - BePure Special Autoship Offer

30% OFF all the ENTIRE range of beautiful, bright powder blends. Use the discount code 'BEPURE.'

Redeem now 


Cocoche BePure Autoship

Cocoche - BePure Special Autoship Offer

40% OFF 500ml Babyché and 1L Cocoché organic coconut oils. Use the discount code 'PURE40'. 

Redeem now


 Plate Up BePure Autoship

Plate Up - BePure Special Autoship Offer

15% OFF your FIRST order of Art and Matilda's premade, paleo meals with the code 'BePure'.

Redeem now 

Why autoship?

As Ben explains, health is not a short term solution. It takes time for the body to heal and regenerate. Nutrition is literally the building blocks of your cells. That's why it's so important to provide your body with the additional nutritional support it needs long term to build it back to health.

Making a commitment to autoship means you will receive your BePure nutritional support to your door every two months (or at your desired frequency), making it one less thing you have to think about when taking action for your health.

Adding in extra nutrients, combined with a clean, whole foods diet and exercise that's right for you, is the perfect foundation for reclaiming your health and energy.

If you're wondering where to start with including extra nutrition into your life, the BePure Everyday Health Pack is what Ben recommends as the base level of nutritional support for living with optimal health, energy and happiness every day.


Autoship perks

On BePure autoship you are entitled to several exciting perks. Here is everything you need to know. Full BePure autoship terms and conditions can be found on the BePure website.

1. The BePure packs included in this offer can be found on the BePure store. Please note that the BePure Gut Health Pack is not included in this offer.

2. When you purchase a BePure pack on autoship you will receive a FREE 15 minute consult with the BePure Clinic team*.

3. After the initial purchase on all BePure autoship purchases, you will receive a special discounted price.

4. Exclusive access to special offers and giveaways from some of BePure's favourite health and wellbeing companies each month.

5. Remember to join our BePure Facebook Community Group for extra support on your health journey too.

6. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for weekly tips, hacks and information on the latest updates in the health and wellness space.  


Managing your autoships

To support you more with managing your autoships, you can also now change the frequency of your orders AND skips orders when needed.

Frequencies can now be set to 4 week / 8 week /10 week / 12 week intervals. To update your frequency simply call or email our orders team on 0800 87 3 87 or

To skip an order, simply login to your account on our store, click on manage autoship and follow the directions. Simple.


If you have any questions our BePure support team are always here to help. Simply email them on or call 0800 87 37 87.

*Please note: these offers are only valid when purchasing the BePure Hormone Health PackBePure Everyday Health Pack, BePure Hormone Health Pack LiteBePure Optimal Health Pack, BePure Adrenal Recovery Pack BePure Health Kick Starter Pack and the BePure Energy Pack. This offer does not include the BePure Gut Health Pack. All offers are subject to change according to the BePure autoship T&C's.
**Please also note that BePure is not a designated company by insurance providers and as our services are currently considered outside the usual model of healthcare insurance, at this time reimbursements for products and services will not be supported by BePure.