25 July, 2018

Hi everyone,

I'm reaching out to you with a heartfelt apology.

I know, when signing up for a BePure Health Programme with us, you were likely full of hope and excitement about the support you were about to receive on your health journey with our new testing services.

I also know that many of you have experienced time delays and ongoing frustrations with aspects of our new functional health tests.

Both BePure and I made excited promises to you about these tests. These promises were based on what we believed we could deliver, under the guidance of industry experts we work with to bring this service to you. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, we have not managed to deliver on these promises to the level of quality we stand for at BePure. For this, I want to give my deepest apologies.

In all honesty, opening our own laboratory and setting up our testing services has provided us with many more challenges than we expected!

We’ve been faced with a few setbacks, including delivery delays from overseas, steep learning curves, some upsetting let downs by key suppliers, technical glitches and more. I share this not to transfer responsibility, simply to give you complete transparency into what has happened. The fact that we have not been able to protect you from these challenges honestly saddens me.

Our team has been and continues to, work overtime to set this right for you. We have now moved forward and built solid foundations for providing you with quality testing services on our new programmes and look forward to providing this to you. Caring for your health as a client of BePure is my absolute life purpose and passion. This is shared by each and every consultant and staff member at BePure.

Learning from this, I want to be completely upfront about what you can expect from our tests at this time, based on what I know now;

  • Moving forward for new tests, results can be expected within 4 weeks once the lab receives your sample. (we are working to reduce this timeframe as we establish stronger processes).
  • These will be delivered to your myHealth profile and include more robust reporting
  • We are also now reviewing the structure of our programmes and testing to provide you, our clients, with more flexibility

For those of you who are progressing along well with your health journeys, I'm so happy we can support you with our programmes. In our clinic meetings, Consultants are passing on some wonderful results that you are achieving.

As always, please do get in touch if you have any questions about our programmes and testing services. Your health is our priority.

In health and happiness,

Ben and our BePure team