• Our incredible BePure Super Boost C supplement has an improved formula. Based on your feedback we've cut back the stevia by 25% to meet your taste buds, while still providing your body with our top quality, high strength dose of vitamin C to keep you healthy and energised.

    BePure Super Boost C is not compressed into tablets with additives, but supplied in an easily absorbed pleasant tasting powder giving the best value per gram of Vitamin C.

    Why do we need BePure Super Boost C?

    Vitamin C is the most important nutrient for supporting the work of the body's immune system. It has been found that Vitamin C boosts the manufacture of more antibody molecules required to assist the body in the defence of bacteria and viruses.

    Unlike other Vitamin C products BePure Super Boost C has a two to one ratio of bioflavonoids to Vitamin C. What does this mean? Once the Vitamin C is in your body, the bioflavonoids recycle the vitamin C electron, essentially providing you with double the Vitamin C in one go. This makes it a high strength source of vitamin c.

    Vitamin C benefits your body in multiple ways. From increasing your immunity, to improving your collagen for reducing aches and pains and improving the quality of your skin, hair and nails. It's also incredibly important for hormone synthesis and optimal hormone function.

    Who is BePure Super Boost C for?

    BePure Super Boost C is designed to work alongside the BePure Everyday Health Pack, BePure Zinc Restore and BePure Adrenal Regenerator under times of increased stress to the body and immune system.

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