• The BePure Energy Pack is targeted nutritional support for that energy boost you've been looking for! BePure SuperBoost C is our high strength vitamin C. Combined with our naturally fermented CoQ10, BePure Ten, this pack provides the body with the most important nutrients for extracellular energy production. The BePure Energy Pack will work best alongside our daily base nutrients found in the BePure One and Three (see the BePure Everyday Health Pack)

    Why do we need the BePure Energy Pack?

    CoQ10 is found within every cell in the body and is essential for energy production. Functionally CoQ10 assists the body’s electron transport chain in efficiency and effectively creates ‘free energy’ for the body.

    BePure Super Boost C is our high strength vitamin C nutritional support. Vitamin C is required for hormone synthesis in the body. It directly affects the ability of your body to make hormones required for energy.

    BePure Ten and BePure Super Boost C are most effective for energy support when taken with the BePure Everyday Health Pack.

    Who is the BePure Energy Pack for?

    The BePure Energy Pack is suitable for anyone looking to pump up their nutrients that are essential to energy production or anyone that is under increased stress to the body and immune system.

    What people have said about the BePure Energy Pack

    "I have been taking the CoQ10 as part of the complete pack and found I was definitely less tired and stopped having that afternoon slump so I decided to start my 75-year-old mother on it and she had the same result. She has not been having an afternoon nap since taking it and feels like she has more energy. As this was the only new thing she was taking it must be the CoQ10. We have been taking just one a day in the morning and the results are great and I recommend it all the time to people!" – Marie Roberts

    "Love this product. Gives me a much-needed boost for winter" – Angela

    "I used to suffer from afternoon fatigue. I also needed a coffee to wake up in the morning, keep my morning going, and get over the 3pm daze. Having been a coffee drinker for years I had thought that it was just a part of the routine. Luckily I knew someone else taking Ben's vitamins and supplements and she suggested I try both the CoQ10 and Super Boost C. It made an immediate difference! I started my day with a coffee as usual but, I no longer felt a need to a morning coffee and when 3pm came I was still feeling great. This pack made a huge difference for me. I am giving it 5 stars because not only do I feel better but I am saving now that I don't need to rely so much on caffeine!" – Aleksandr Staprans

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