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Iron Restore
Iron Restore
Iron Restore
Iron Restore

Iron Restore


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Our most anticipated product, Iron Restore is finally here. Unlike other iron supplements, Iron Restore won't leave you constipated. Iron bisglycinate (the form of iron we use in Iron Restore) is highly bioavailable and gentle on the gut—helping boost depleted iron levels and increase energy. To make sure you're absorbing this precious metal, we've also added vitamin C and vitamins B9, B12 and B6. Voilà!

BePure Iron Restore is for anyone needing to boost low iron levels. WHO estimates that one-third of all women of reproductive age are anaemic, so this is particularly designed for people that regularly menstruate and women that are pregnant or postpartum. 


BePure Iron Restore is Vegan Friendly. 



  • Restoration of low iron levels
  • Supports production of red blood cells
  • Energy production
  • Growth and development
  • Transports oxygen to our organs
  • Heart Health
  • Mental wellbeing and Brain Fog... and many other essential body processes.



  • Iron Restore cannot be combined with Prenatal Nurture which also contains the RDA of iron biglycinate.
  • BePure Iron Restore can be combined with any other BePure products (excluding Prenatal Nurture) but it is most effective when combined with the BePure Everyday Health Pack



Low iron levels are common, especially in menstruating people, and can, if left untreated, progress into iron deficiency anemia. High iron levels are also possible, particularly in ageing men and susceptible individuals with hereditary hemochromatosis. We recommend getting a ferritin test with your local doctor to measure your iron levels before taking an iron supplement. 


You are always welcome to talk to our Nutritional Health Support Team and discuss how any of our BePure products can help support you on your personal health journey. Call us on 0800 52 54 52.

Every capsule of BePure Iron Restore contains a powerful combination of non-constipating iron biglycinate, vitamin C, and B vitamins 9, 12 and 6 to effectively support the renewal of depleted iron stores.



  • Iron biglycinate, highly bioavailable and non-constipating form
  • Vitamin C to assist with the absorption of iron
  • Essential blood building cofactors, B9, B12 and B6 to further assist in the production of hemoglobin

BePure Iron Restore is designed to be taken daily, alongside a whole food diet to restore depleted iron levels and support optimal health.



1 x capsule away from food

Please see our photo gallery for an easy-to-use daily direction table.



  1. Suitable to take when pregnant and breastfeeding.
  2. Suitable for ages 12+
  3. All BePure nutritional support products are supplementary to and not a replacement for a quality, whole foods diet.
  4. Distributed by BePure Health Ltd, Hawke's Bay Operation Centre, Napier.
  5. Always read the label and use as directed.
  6. If you have questions about any BePure products in this pack, please contact us at
  7. If you experience any adverse effects or have questions about any of the BePure nutritionals in this pack, please contact us at

Why try BePure Iron Restore?

BePure Iron Restore has been specifically designed to contain highly bioavailable, non-constipating iron biglycinate form.

  • Non-constipating form of iron

  • High strength and quality

  • Safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding

  • Vitamin C to support absorption

  • Vegan Friendly

  • Energy production

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Why BePure Iron Restore?

Iron is the body's most precious metal. It is required for almost 200 biochemical reactions in the body. It's primarily know for its essential role in supporting the production of red blood cells, transporting oxygen around the body, and energy restoration. 


The World Health Organisation recognises iron deficiency as the most common and widespread nutritional disorder in the world and it is also the only nutrient deficiency which affects people in both developing and developed countries. 


At the BePure Clinic we were seeing a high number of women with low iron and after putting them on specialised forms of practitioner only iron supplements alongside blood building nutrients, we were seeing great results. Ben and the BePure Clinic Team wanted to create an iron supplement that was available to the general public. It needed to combine both a highly bioavailable (and non constipating!) form of iron with nutrients essential to helping it be absorbed in the body—B vitamins and vitamin C.


Iron Restore has been years in the making! Unlike other iron supplements you've tried before, Ben Warren developed BePure Iron Restore with iron biglycinate, a non-constipating form of iron. Vitamin C to assist with the absorption of iron and the essential blood building cofactors of B9, B12 and B6 further assist in the production of hemoglobin.


BePure Iron Restore is for anyone looking for optimal iron absorption, renewal of depleted iron stores (especially in those that regularly menstruate), improved blood health or increased energy production.

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Dotan A.
New Zealand New Zealand
Great product

Greatest product, A bit on the small size .


Hi Dotan, we're glad to hear you're enjoying Iron Restore. Thanks for taking the time to share your review and feedback.

New Zealand New Zealand
The BEST iron supplements

I can’t recommend these supplements enough. I had very low iron levels and was prescribed standard iron tablets by doctor but they had side effects and were so harsh on my stomach I couldn’t take them. Then I found these iron tablets and gave them a try. No nasty side effects and I feel my energy getting back. These are now my go to iron tablets when I need them.


That's so fantastic to hear you've got your energy back Sarah! Thanks for taking the time to share your review.

Sarah M.
New Zealand New Zealand
Iron Restore

I'm finding the Iron Restore to be much gentler on my stomach than iron prescribed by doctors. I should be able to keep on top of my iron using this product, normally I get low iron when I stop taking my prescribed iron because of the side effects.


Hi Sarah, that's such wonderful feedback thank you for sharing your review. We've deliberately included a specific form of iron to make it easier on the gut, so we're thrilled to hear its working out well for you.

New Zealand New Zealand
Iron Restore

My Iron levels and energy levels have increased since starting Iron Restore. Thank you


Hi Emma, thank you for leaving your review that's great to hear! Keep up the great work.

Paulette M.
New Zealand New Zealand
Easy & Gentle supplement

I needed to increase my iron stores; I’ve been using daily & appreciate its ease of taking first thing in the morning & non constipation side effects so many others have.


Thank you so much for sharing your review Paulette, we're glad to hear you're find it such an easy product to take!

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