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BePure Super Boost Vitamin C
BePure Super Boost Vitamin C
BePure Super Boost Vitamin C - Ingredient List
BePure Super Boost Vitamin C - User Instructions

BePure Super Boost Vitamin C

2 Month Supply | 200g Oral Vitamin C Power
(Subscription $44.00 NZD)
With a powerful formulation of two to one ratio of bioflavonoids to vitamin C, BePure Super Boost C provides your body with a top-quality, high strength dose of vitamin C. Bioflavonoids recycle the vitamin C electron, so once in your body, it essentially provides you with double the vitamin C, making BePure Super Boost C incredibly high strength. BePure Super Boost C is created in an easily absorbed, delicious powder form, keeping you energised and your immune system healthy and strong. 
Bioavailable ingredients
High Strength & High Quality
Vegan friendly
Gluten, Soy, Dairy & GMO Free
Free of Fillers, Additives & Preservatives
Safe for Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

BePure SuperBoost C is an easily absorbed, delicious tasting powder, formulated to provide your body with a top-quality, high strength dose of vitamin C.



  • Immune system health
  • Energy
  • Cellular Health
  • Growth of bones, tendons, ligaments, skin, hair and nails
  • Boosts production of collagen
  • Aches and pains
  • Hormone production



BePure Super Boost C can be combined with any other BePure products but it is most effective when combined with the Everyday Health Pack. During times of increased stress to the body and immune system it is also recommended to combined with BePure Zinc Restore and BePure Adrenal Regenerator.



You are always welcome to talk to our Nutritional Health Support Team and discuss how any of our BePure products can help support you on your personal health journey. Call us on 0800 52 54 52.


Still not sure whether this pack is right for you? Take the BePure Health Questionnaire below.

BePure Super Boost C is a top-quality, high strength dose of vitamin C. Each 6 gram serve (1 tsp = 5ml, metric spoonful) contains 2.96g of high strength, easily absorbed vitamin C and a two to one ratio of bioflavonoids to vitamin C. The bioflavonoids recycle the vitamin C electron, so once this enters your body it essentially provides you with double the vitamin C. 



  • Ascorbic acid
  • Calcium Ascorbate
  • Magnesium Ascorbate
  • Lemon Bioflavonoids
  • Beta-Carotene
  • Zinc amino acid chelate

BePure Super Boost C is provided in a delicious powder form, designed to be taken with water and best taken away from food.



  • ADULTS: 1/2 – 1 tsp daily or as required in a glass (250ml) of water.
  • CHILDREN: 5 – 12 years 1/4 – 1 tsp once daily in a glass (250ml) of water.

Please see our photo gallery for an easy-to-use daily direction table.



In times of high stress of sickness you can increase or decrease your intake of BePure Super Boost C to the point that your bowels move. Once your bowels move you will know you have saturated your body with optimal levels of vitamin C. You can read more about this in Ben's blog post, '5 Ways to Naturally Beat a Cold'.



  1. Try to take BePure Super Boost C away from meals.
  2. All BePure nutritional support products are supplementary to and not a replacement for a quality, whole foods diet.
  3. Distributed by BePure Health Ltd, Hawke's Bay Operation Centre, Napier.
  4. Always read the label and use as directed.
  5. If you have questions about BePure Super Boost C, please contact us at
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Why BePure Super Boost C?

Vitamin C is a vital nutrient. It is the most important nutrient for supporting the body's immune system in fighting infections. It does this by boosting the manufacture of antibody molecules required to assist the body in the defence of bacteria and viruses, and works as an antioxidant to protect our bodies from damage. 


Fantastic right? But there's more. It is also involved in the growth of our bones, tendons, ligaments, skin, hair, nails, it improves your collagen production for reducing aches and improving skin health and it helps us absorb other essential nutrients, such as iron, better. It's also incredibly important for hormone synthesis and optimal hormone function.


Ben developed BePure Super Boost C because he wanted a very strong vitamin C product that had a two to one ratio of bioflavonoids to vitamin C. Many other vitamin C products don't offer this, as it is a costly process.

How do bioflavonoids increase the strength of the vitamin c? Once the vitamin C is in your body, the bioflavonoids recycle the vitamin C electron, so once this enters your body it essentially provides you with double the vitamin C, in one go. We're not kidding when we say it's high strength.  

BePure Super Boost C is also completely sugar free, sweetened with natural stevia to keep you healthy, energised and your immunity strong.

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Jeannette A.
New Zealand New Zealand
Super Boost Vitamin C

Great taste. Dissolves well. Easy to use. Great to have the extra added minerals.


Thanks for the feedback Jeannette!

Lee L.
New Zealand New Zealand
Way too sweet for me

I am not enjoying this product because it is far too sweet. I understand you already reduced the sweetener but I have no need for sweetened powder and would prefer no added sweetener. It is pretty much unusable for me as is so I bought some empty capsules and will put in those but wish you would sell either capsules or unsweetened. No issues with quality apart from this!


Hi Lee. We're sorry to hear you find Super Boost C too sweet. Thank you for passing on this feedback - we are continually looking at ways we can improve our products and so all feedback is really important to us. You're right - we have previously reduced the amount of natural sweetener used. Due to the nature of the active ingredients and their natural taste, at least some flavouring/sweetener is required though to make it palatable to drink. Many trials and a lot of thought went into the formulation and flavouring with the current level of stevia and the natural orange flavour being the winning option. We also surveyed our customers at the time of formulation and received overwhelming feedback that they would prefer powder form as opposed to capsules for this particular supplement. That's great news that you have been able to continue on reaping the benefits by using capsules. Hopefully you can continue to do so. Once again, thanks for your feedback and be sure to let us know if there's anything else we can help with.

Abbie P.
New Zealand New Zealand
Love my vit c!

I take this daily every morning to kick start my day, it’s so yummy and I feel so much more energized after it. I notice that I hardly ever get sick since taking this! Highly recommend


What a great way to start the day! Thanks for your feedback Abbie.

A BePure Customer
Georgie M.
New Zealand New Zealand
Super boost

Whenever I’m feeling a bit run down or someone around me is sick I take this daily. It has been a life saver while pregnant as I was picking up everything I came across with my lower immunity. I also enjoy the taste just in a glass of water. Highly recommend.


Thanks for your feedback Georgie. It's so great to hear that you enjoy Super Boost C as much as we do and that is has been able to keep you well throughout your pregnancy!

Carol T.
New Zealand New Zealand
Great product

My husband and I regularly use this product and find it great to keep away colds and flu. If I feel a cold setting in I boost the number of times from once a day to two or three times and it almost always clears up the cold symptoms.

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