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  • BePure Gut Renew Probiotic is an advanced daily probiotic, specially formulated by Ben Warren to provide your body with a powerful dose of beneficial bacteria to promote optimal gut health.

    Containing 18 strains of beneficial bacteria and a minimum of 30 billion viable bacteria per serving, BePure Gut Renew Probiotic is one of the most complete probiotic formulations available for supporting lower digestive health.

    Probiotics are bacteria that have a known health benefit. Research shows the promotion of diverse beneficial gut bacteria with a quality daily probiotic is essential for supporting digestion, nutrient absorption and ultimately our health and energy status.

    BePure Gut Renew Probiotic is delivered in a scientifically designed, slow release capsule that takes two hours to break down. This ensures the viable bacteria in each serving reaches the most beneficial stage of the intestinal tract, then releases into the system to support optimal intestinal gut health.

    Who does it help?

    In the modern world, we are no longer consuming the same level of beneficial bacteria in our foods. Alongside this, we are also exposed to increasing toxins, antibiotic medicines and high sugar intakes that all reduce our beneficial gut bacteria.

    BePure Gut Renew Probiotic will support anyone experiencing;

    • Gut issues
    • Constipation
    • Diarrhea
    • Low immunity
    • Unstable moods

    Key ingredients

    18 strains of beneficial bacteria including key strains of;

    • Lactobacillus
    • Bifidobacterium
    • Bacillus
    • Streptococcus

    Why do we need the bepure gut renew probiotic?


    BePure Gut Renew Probiotic is a very powerful probiotic designed to aid optimal gut health. Our bodies are all biochemically unique and thus, we all respond differently to nutritional products. If you have any questions around whether this product is right for you, please contact the BePure team on 0800 52 54 52.

    If you currently experience or have any of the following conditions, please contact the BePure team before choosing BePure Gut Renew Probiotic to determine whether it is right for you at this time:

    • SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) or SIFO (Small Intestinal Fungal Overgrowth)
    • Following a low FODMAP diet
    • Significant gut dysfunction including Crohns, Ulcerative Colitis, Peptic ulcer(s), active H. Pylori infection, Barretts Oesophagus, Diverticulitis or any other gastrointestinal pathology. It is recommended for these conditions, to first check with your medical professional that this product is right for you.

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Anna B.
New Zealand New Zealand

Bye bye bloating

I have a really sensitive stomach so was hesitant to try these. However these probiotics seriously reduced bloating and discomfort. No negative side effects that I noticed. Very happy :)

Breana B.
New Zealand New Zealand


Due to some bad lifestyle choices, food intolerance and ridiculously high stress I had come to the point where no matter what I ate (having switched to a much healthier diet and lifestyle) I was in pain. It felt like everything was being turned into hot lava in my stomach, I had terrible bloating, cramps and wind. Everyday I would swing from either being constipated or having diahorrea but since taking this for the past month these symptoms have all gone, I am able to eat food again without pain and have even lost nearly 10kgs with this being the only additional thing added to my daily routine. Am excited to start the hormone balancing pack to really get my body back on the right track!


Wow! What a result, so glad you're feeling healthier!

Janine K.
New Zealand New Zealand

BePure Gut Renew Probiotic

Feeling great so far!

Sophie B.
New Zealand New Zealand

So far so good

It is hard to know if a supplement is working sometimes but since taking them i cant recall i have had any digestive issues which i can get from certain foods. Im hopeing to be able to incorporate some of these foods back into my diet permanamtly

Katy D.
New Zealand New Zealand

Get the gut right and the rest will follow!

I have been a long time advocate of probiotics and this one suits me perfectly! Less bloated and fewer tummy upsets for no reason. I actually feel like I’m getting A bit more spring back in my step (could be the sun shining too)

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