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Wednesday 17 October, 2018 0 Comments

  • Help us change the world.
  • Join an innovative company who are cutting a new track in our industry.
  • Play a key role in helping our team achieve great things, through building great products.

BePure is a start up with heart that has grown at a rapid rate over the past 3-4 years. In the past year we have launched a web app, and are currently building a new, exciting product.

This role, a 6 month contract initially, will join one of our dev teams; optimising our new web app and building brand new functionality that will truly support our customers.

Why We Need You:

The Web Developer will join our growing dev team, and will have the chance to learn new languages, frameworks and technologies at a fast rate.

Our current developers have been excited to join us due to the learning opportunities available and tell us that their high levels of lasting enjoyment are due to the pace of new learning and the fact that what they are working on is something that truly helps people and makes a difference in their lives. 

What You'll be Doing:

  • Working on innovative projects including web, cloud applications, and automation in a highly passionate team.
  • Playing a key role in the productivity of our IT team, influencing and guiding the direction we take on projects and tasks.
  • Working productively with a broad spectrum of mobile, web, and cloud technologies and frameworks.
  • Assist with building out our IT and development capabilities.
  • Operating in a highly collaborative agile environment.  

Skills and Experience You'll Need:

  • 2 years of commercial development experience;
  • Good working knowledge of JavaScript including modern tools and frameworks (React/Redux, etc);
  • Python language experience;
  • PostgreSQL experience.
  • Good knowledge of HTML and CSS, including CSS pre-processors and frameworks;
  • Experience with HTML templating languages (Jinja2 or similar);
  • Experience with Shopify is a plus.

So if you want to join a company that truly cares, cutting the track in our field and helping us to achieve our huge mission, send us your CV to hr@bepure.co.nz now!

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