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This month we’ve been running our best ever offer to support your health and wellness. We’ve given away the BePure online programme for free with every purchase of the everyday health pack. We've been getting a lot of questions about the september special we're offering so we’ve compiled a list of FAQs. Just incase you were wondering….


What do I get with the special?

You get our Everyday Health Pack consisting of a two month’s supply of BePure ONE and THREE and our six week online BePure Programme (valued at $197), we have also included free access to Ben’s talk on Essential Health and Wellness For Women.


What is the everyday health pack?

The everyday health pack contains a 2 month’s supply of BePure ONE (daily multivitamin) and BePure THREE (high strength fish oil).

BePure ONE and THREE is what we recommend to everyone as a baseline level of nutrient support to account for any deficiencies within our diets. Because our soils are depleted in certain key nutrients - such as selenium, iron, folate, iodine and zinc - we can’t get enough of these nutrients from food alone.


What is the BePure Programme?

The BePure Programme is a six week online course delivered to you in weekly blocks. It covers information about nutrition each week as well as providing you with recipes tailored to your unique macronutrient requirements.

Some of us run better on carbs, others on fats and proteins. Some of us do well on a mix of both. The BePure Programme helps you identify what you need to sustain your energy and maintain your blood sugar levels throughout the day.

The information is broken up into blocks so it doesn’t overwhelm you. We also provide a helpful create a plate template so you can make a meal in minutes - without relying on a recipe or specific ingredients.


How will the BePure Programme help me?

The BePure programme guides you through making healthier food choices day-by-day. It isn’t a strict 6 week plan where everything is laid out for you. It teaches you about your unique body and what you need to function at your best. The programme then allows you to make choices for yourself so you learn what you need for the long term - as opposed to being told what to do for the short term.

The programme also covers what foods are commonly problematic for a lot of people and why. The programme removes these foods for a short period of time acting as a reset. You can then reintroduce them to see how you feel.

It will also provide you with a range of delicious recipes you can use long after the programme has finished.


Is the BePure Programme suitable for vegetarians?

The BePure programme is not designed for vegetarians but can be useful with a few adjustments. There are many recipes with eggs, beans, full fat dairy and whole grains that are good protein options for vegetarians.

We also have a create a plate template so you can construct your meals choosing from the options listed, as opposed to following a specific recipe. This will be especially useful for vegetarians as many of the recipes contain meat.


What does Ben talk about in the women’s wellness video?

Earlier this year, Ben ran a series of talks about essential health and wellness for women in the modern world.  We filmed this event in the hope of making this information accessible to as many people as possible. Both men and women have found this content invaluable. Many men have told us they now feel better able to support their wives, partners and daughters.

This bonus content has been added to the BePure Programme especially as it expands on a lot of the principles contained in the six-weeks. It will help to reinforce key ideas that are crucial to your understanding of your own unique macronutrient requirements. The video also touches on specific issues such as adrenal fatigue and diet and lifestyle and exercise recommendations if you have a hormonal imbalance.

In this video Ben covers how men and women are different, common signs of hormonal imbalance in women, inflammatory foods such as refined grains and sugar and how these affect our hormones and what foods we need to be eating to support hormonal health.


How long do I have access to the BePure Programme and video for?

You have unlimited access to the resources you get as part of the September special. Simply save the emails you receive with the necessary information and links in them so you can watch, and rewatch the content at a later date.

The BePure Programme is delivered in a pdf format. So, once you have downloaded the information it is yours to keep for life.


How much is the September Special?

The September special costs $139 for two months. This is the price of our Everyday Health Pack on Autoship. The BePure Programme is FREE with every purchase of the Everyday Health Pack and is normally valued at $197.


I’m already using the Everyday Health Pack on Autoship. Can I get access to the BePure Programme and video?

Yes! We want as many people as possible to experience the benefits of pairing optimal nutrition with the nutrients we need for everyday health and vitality. If you are already taking the Everyday Health Pack please email and you will be sent the BePure Programme and the Women’s Wellness Video.


What is Autoship?

Autoship is our convenient reordering system. We strive to provide the highest quality products to our customers while pricing them at a point which is accessible to many people. One option we have for making our products even more affordable is our autoship programme.

With the autoship option we’ll automatically charge your credit card the discounted rate (off the full price of the product if you were to make a single purchase), every 58 days. For the Everyday Health pack, this amounts to a saving of $36 off the full price.

Our BePure products are designed to last two months when taken at the recommended daily dose. With our autoship option we’ll send you a new two month supply of your chosen products every 58 days to ensure you never run out of product or have to worry about reordering.

You are not committed to autoship for a strict period of time. If you do not wish to automatically receive your next autoship order, simply call us on 0800 873 787 or email

If you would like to bring your next order forward, add another product to your next order or move the date we send the next autoship order out to you back, please contact us on the details above.

If you have any further questions about the September Special please email