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We are excited to announce Ben is coming to Hamilton for a one-day workshop looking at the challenges facing us in the modern world. Why energy is crucial to overall health and steps you can take to regain your energy and live with optimal health.

We seem to think of illness, or our weight, as markers of total health. Here at BePure we like to think of these things as symptoms of the state of your health - not what is driving wellness overall. Energy is a great measure for whether or not what you are eating, doing and how you are living are serving you.  

If you want to improve your health concerns and body composition, the first step is in improving your habits and energy day-to-day. Ben has run day-long workshops in the past and they are invaluable for going into detail about specific topics. His evening seminars are a great introduction, but the time restraints do not allow for in depth learning and assistance with specific health issues.

Ben will cover the factors that influence our energy, including diet, lifestyle, hormones and adrenal fatigue. He will then walk you through the steps you need to understand to make changes to your day-to-day life to support recovery. It’s a complicated topic, and taking the time to understand these critical aspects early in your wellness journey could save you years of time, energy and potential frustration.

Below is an example of what Ben will cover at the workshop

  • How our hormones work to help or hinder health
  • Why having energy is critical for health
  • Understanding the signs and symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue;
  • What to eat, when to eat and foods to avoid if energy is your goal;
  • How to eat right for your unique genetics and metabolism;
  • What stress does to your body;
  • The best types of exercise if you have Adrenal Fatigue or are just starting on your wellness journey;
  • How to establish a good sleep routine;
  • Different hormones and health issues that can arise from consistent lack of energy if left untreated, and;
  • Specific nutrients deficiencies driving health concerns.


For the price of one consult at either our Auckland or Hawkes Bay BePure clinic here’s what you will get

  • Over 7 hours working with Ben, including the opportunity to ask as many questions as you need;
  • The BePure programme - our comprehensive online programme you can use at home with recipes and information to support the knowledge you gain on the day - valued at $197;
  • Lunch, morning tea and refreshments. The menu has been crafted by our team of BePure nutritionists and the chefs at the venue to include nourishing foods that promote energy and health.
  • Functional testing for nutritional deficiencies that contribute to fatigue.


Date:  Saturday October 1.

Time: 8.30am - 5.30pm

Location: Claudelands, Corner of Brooklyn Road and Heaphy Terrace, Hamilton.

Ticket Options: $199 single ticket. $300 double ticket.

Tickets go on sale Monday September 12.