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Your Questions Answered - Simple Wellness Essentials Web Class

By BePure

Recently we hosted the life changing free web class 'Simple Wellness Essentials. A guide to eating for energy, gut health and feeling good.' We were overwhelmed by the turn out and the huge abundance of questions asked by all. As Ben wasn't able to answer all of your questions on the night, he's worked through all of them below for you to read and learn from in your own time on your health journey.




How do I get enough calcium for bone health if I'm supposed to be avoiding dairy (post menopause)?
Some of the best dietary sources for calcium are green leafy vegetables which we highly recommend including in all of your main meals. Calcium is a key nutrient for building and maintaining healthy bones, however there are other key nutrients that play a crucial role in bone health. Vitamin D plays a big role in controlling your uptake of calcium from your diet and promoting calcium homeostasis (balance). Vitamin K primarily controls where this calcium is deposited, ensuring that the calcium is deposited in your bones, where it is needed. 

Why isn't iron included in BePure One?
While there are many people who experience anemia or iron deficiency, it is also possible to experience a condition where there is excess levels of Iron in the body. This is known as hemochromatosis and can be just as concerning as low iron levels. For this reason we did not include iron in BePure One but we have created an iron support product called BePure Iron Restore for anyone needing a boost in their iron levels. 

Does BePure One and Three conflict with many medications
We always recommend checking the BePure website for all contraindications for BePure products. BePure One and Three are recommended to take away from all medications. It is also important to note that medication for cardiovascular health is often not recommended alongside nutritional support. If you have any concerns best to check with a health professional. 

I ache on a morning what vitamins am I missing
If you consistently experience aches and pains you may want to look into supporting inflammation by getting in a good amount of daily omega 3 fish oil like that in BePure Three. 

What vitamins and minerals that should not be taken together?
Some nutrients can compete for absorption while others support the absorption and recycling of others in the body. This is quite a complex area of research and we do our best to combine nutrients which we know have a positive relationship in the digestive health when creating our BePure products, of course this gets tricky with a product like BePure One. 

Can you take the Everyday Wellness Pack while fasting? I often do 24 hour fasts
Yes you can, one of the concerns with fasting for long periods is ensuring you are still getting a sufficient amount of nutrition and these products will be able to support you in this sense without breaking your fast. You may like to start slowly with 1x capsule per day if taking on an empty stomach. 


I have Be Pure One and Three at home but have put taking them on hold as I’ve been feeling great without them. How do I know what vitamins and minerals I am missing to know whether I should be taking them?
We find that consistency is key with nutritional support and it's so wonderful you have been feeling great since taking them :) we believe in supporting optimal health and vitality so we would recommend continuing with them to ensure you keep feeling great.

Why does taking the Be Pure Three Fish oil result in fullness in breast tissue after one month of taking the recommended dose?
This is not a common response to our BePure Three so we would need to chat to you further around this to support you around your health concerns.

Diet and Food

How good is bone broth, in particular beef bone broth protein powder?
Bone broth, whether it's beef or chicken, contains healing compounds such as: glutamine, collagen, proline, glycine and gelatine. These are essential amino acids and trace minerals that work within the intestines to help seal the gut. This can help soothe gut inflammation and reduce leaky gut.

Does freezing fruit/veggies affect their amount of vitamin C?
Freezing is usually a good way of retaining a fruit or vegetable’s nutrient status, particularly water soluble nutrients like vitamin C.

If you don’t eat meat how can I replace my B12?
Vitamin B12 can be difficult to source from your non-meat foods, the best dietary sources are beef, liver, chicken and eggs. If you do not commonly consume these foods you will need to source through a good quality supplement like BePure One.

What are your thoughts on intermittent fasting?
Intermittent fasting when practised safely and correctly, it’s a very powerful tool for nurturing wellness. It allows your body the break it needs to support metabolic health, fat storage and metabolism, repair processes, and inflammation. For example, by giving our digestive systems a rest, we are also giving our immune systems a rest as well. It is essential however to ensure you are still receiving sufficient energy and nutrients while intermittent fasting which is why we would recommend seeking guidance around this from a health professional when you first start out.

What are the best gluten free whole grains
There are so many gluten free grains you can choose from, some of our favourites include:

  • Buckwheat
  • Brown basmati rice
  • Quinoa
  • Rolled Oats (best to avoid if you are a celiac)
  • Millet
  • Amaranth

Do you recommend hair testing or blood tests to detect any mineral deficiencies?
In the BePure Clinic we most often use blood test markers for indications on nutrient status but we do also have hair mineral testing available to us as well.

Can you please define whole grains and give some examples thank you
Whole Grain means that the grain has not been processed in any way and all constituents of the grain are still present. This is important as this means the grain contains a lower glycemic index as well as the presence of nutrients found in the grain. For example, whole grains can include:quinoa, millet, brown basmati rice and rolled oats. 

Do you think there’s a correlation between plant based diets and amenorrhea?
If a plant based diet is well managed and executed with consideration of key macro and micronutrients it can be successful without having a negative impact on our health.

I'm gluten and dairy free, don't tolerate nuts, seeds, grains, and eggs well, really struggle with protein ideas for breakfast, any suggestions?
You may like to consider a breakfast smoothie with some plant based protein powder to keep you full throughout the morning. We have some great smoothie recipe ideas in our BePure blog, for example our Cacao and Almond Butter Smoothie is a super popular one!

What are your thoughts on Coffee? How does it affect the Glycemic Index? Does tolerance decrease with age?
Coffee has its pros and cons and it is best to assess this for yourself on an individual level. Usually Consuming coffee on occasion is not a problem, but if you rely on coffee to get you through every day you may like to look into some tips we have to help reduce your intake.

What foods would you recommend for a liver detoxification?
We have a BePure 7 Day Detox Programme available which you may like to try, this is a specified dietary programme designed to support your detox pathways. The dietary changes include minimising sugar and carbohydrates and increasing your protein intake for example:


Are BePure One, Two and Three supplements safe for pregnancy?
Yes they are safe and recommended :) althought we recommend swapping BePure One for Mum's One as this is our pregnancy multivitamin.

How to keep good hormone levels post menopausal?
Post menopause our sex hormones a primarily produced by our adrenal glands. These little glands sit on top of our kidneys and are also responsible for regulating our stress hormone levels. This means that reducing stress or increasing our resilience to stressors is a big part of a woman's wellbeing following menopause.

What dietary changes will support a normal level of oestrogen? (currently it's high but breastfeeding so can't take EstroClear)
Eat plenty of cruciferous vegetables.These are vegetables like broccoli sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale and watercress.  These support the liver and are especially rich in di-indolylmethane (DIM), which help mop up excess oestrogens. We also recommend to eat organic where possible and reducing your intake of soy based products.

Is the Everyday Wellness Pack helpful for peri-menopause and menopause?
Your overall well being, including your nutrient status, energy levels and gut health can play a big role in the way your body manages this transition. We would recommend preparing for menopause by supporting these areas of your wellbeing and focusing on eating a whole food diet and looking after your stress levels.

Hi Ben, please discuss maintaining and increasing bone health post menopause, when the advice is to avoid dairy?
Vitamin D plays a big role in controlling your uptake of calcium from your diet and promoting calcium homeostasis (balance). Vitamin K primarily controls where this calcium is deposited, ensuring that the calcium is deposited in your bones, where it is needed. Resistance or weight based exercise is also a great way to support bone health.

Usually post menopause women have much lower levels of oestrogen which also helped in the regulation of bone health so supporting your wellbeing with phytoestrogens like those in MenoCalm can be supportive. Your natural hormone production post menopause is almost exclusively in the adrenal glands where your stress hormones are also produced so reducing stress and cortisol levels is a key piece of the puzzle for menopausal women. 

Healthy diet but problems with hormonal acne, thoughts?
Acne can be related to many functions in the body and is usually a reflection of what is happening internally. We often relate skin health to hormone health, gut health, inflammation, and detoxification capacity. These are all areas of your health the everyday wellness can support and supporting a healthy diet with nutrition is a great next step :)

Gut Health

Why would I get bloated from having 1tbl ACV diluted in water first thing in the morning?
This may be because you have sufficient stomach acid levels but best to check in with our team, you can call 0800 52 54 52 to enquire.


Does having a later breakfast (longer break without food) help with gut health?
It depends on the individual as some people so struggle to digest food in the morning, however skipping breakfast is one easy way to incorporate intermittent fasting, just be sure to have a large lunch or brunch.

So, getting our gut health right will correct hormone balance .... post menopausal?
Yes our gut health is a key part of our hormone health and is a key piece of the puzzle for our wellbeing at all stages of life. 


Thank you so much for watching and for reading. We hope these questions and answers have provided you with some support on your wellness journey. If you still have a niggling question, please don't be shy to reach out on or 0800 52 54 52.

Also, if you missed it, here is a handy link to our limited time webinar special!

Disclaimer: This blog post is for educational purposes only. It is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure. We are all unique, for your individual health concerns it is important to discuss these with a BePure Holistic Health Consultant or relevant health professional.

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Energy, Anxiety & Your Stress

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Energy, Anxiety & Your Stress

Check your balance. Take the quiz and see how your energy levels and anxiety indicators measure up.