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Monthly Wrap up for June

By BePure

We’re running a new feature on the blog. We are going to do a monthly wrap up of all the content, events and news happening here at BePure. In case you missed it, or you can’t find the recipe you’re looking for, all the content from June will be found here in this article.

Click through to the links below for what we covered in June.

As the first month in winter, our articles for June were heavily focussed around boosting immunity and battling colds, flu and mental health changes during the colder months.

Your immunity boosting toolkit

At the start of the month we looked into things you could do to boost your immune system before you got sick. This blog covers some simple, but effective, tips for staying on top of colds.


Beating colds naturally 

This blog looked at natural strategies you could use to recover from a cold if and when it strikes this winter. Two words. Bone broth.


Gut health and immunity

This article from Ben talked about the reason why some of us might be more prone to sickness than others. Gut health is crucial for general wellness, although this is especially the case when overcoming colds and flu.


Fermented foods for gut health 

This blog looked at how to increase your resilience to colds in winter by increasing your intake of fermented foods. Fermented foods play a huge role in improving the state of your gut health. This blog also contains Ben’s easy sauerkraut recipe.


Beating the winter blues 

We’ve all heard the saying ‘winter blues’, but many of us don’t realise there is actually a seasonal condition that affects our mental health during the colder months. This blog looks at why, and what you can do about it.


Mental health and nutrition

This blog looks at different - yet undiscussed - aspects of our health and what you can do to boost your nutrient status to support mental health. What is most effective when supporting mental health conditions; medication or micronutrients? Have a look.

Over the course of June, we posted recipes using seasonal veggies as well as recipes to boost your immune system using nutritional superfoods like turmeric, bone broth and gelatin. Here’s the food we’ve been enjoying all month;


Turmeric Latte 

Packed with turmeric to nourish your immune system, healthy fats and ingredients like black pepper to increase the bioavailability of turmeric, this delicious recipe will keep your hands warm as you wrap them around a mug.


Basic Bone Broth Recipe 

This is Ben’s recipe for a delicious winter warmer - bone broth. For an extra protein kick, add some meat before serving.


Gut loving gelatin gummies 

Our most popular recipe for June, gummies are gelatin ‘lollies’ sweetened using fruit. They are easy to make, contain only a handful of ingredients and use the gut-healing superstar, gelatin. Read why gelatin is so good for us.


Winter warming pumpkin soup

Pumpkin soup is a winter classic. This is our favourite soup recipe here at BePure.


Eggs Florentine with Salmon 

We posted this recipe before a three day weekend in New Zealand. A delicious, protein filled breakfast that makes you feel like you’re at a cafe. Enjoy.

Adrenal fatigue

Our other main focus during June has been Adrenal fatigue. Due to the increased stress of modern living, Adrenal Fatigue is a condition affecting more and more people. Here at the clinic we are seeing a marked increase in the number of adrenal fatigue cases.

When people suffer from Adrenal Fatigue, you can do everything “right” but still not have the energy to enjoy optimal health. We’re running a FREE email series about adrenal fatigue. We cover why it happens, the link to stress as well as diet and lifestyle suggestions for those suffering from adrenal fatigue and a free ebook full of nutritious and healing recipes.


Free product in orders

When you receive your BePure orders in the next month you will notice an exciting addition to your products. To thank you for your loyalty and to help you with living a healthier - yet enjoyable - lifestyle, we’ve teamed up with t Leaf teas to give you some delicious, nutritious tea.

We love supporting local companies who share our philosophy about happy, holistic living. In the past we have given away gifts from ecowarehouse and tailor skincare. Aligning with like-minded companies allows us to provide as much value as possible to our customers, while supporting local business and showcasing healthier products.

Enjoy your tea and be sure to let us know what you think.

Essential health and wellness for women

Ben recently wrapped up his most recent seminar tour of New Zealand. He spoke about Essential Health and Wellness for Women in the modern world.

Both men and women have found this content invaluable. Many men have told us they now feel better able to support their wives, partners and daughters. Feedback to the event has been overwhelmingly positive with many people wanting to know how they could send the information to friends and loved ones.

To facilitate this, and to offer the event to people who were unable to attend, or want to refresh their memory, we have filmed one of the seminars and now offer the video as a product in our shop. The video will be available to view online until July 31st.


Your gut; where health starts.

Ben is about to begin his next round of talks. The focus of this next seminar is gut health. How the health of your gut underpins the health you experience. Ben will cover factors that negatively or positively impact your gut health, as well as practical steps to tackle digestive issues.

The content covered in this seminar is entirely new. There will be no repeat of content from any of Ben’s previous talks. Based on feedback we have received, we are striving to make these events as informative as possible.

We will not be selling any BePure products. Instead we want this event to be 2.5 hours or learning and practical strategies and tools to help you focus on the health of your gut. You will also have the opportunity to ask Ben questions throughout the evening.


Disclaimer: This blog post is for educational purposes only. It is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure. We are all unique, for your individual health concerns it is important to discuss these with a BePure Holistic Health Consultant or relevant health professional.

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Energy, Anxiety & Your Stress

Energy, Anxiety & Your Stress

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Take the Questionnaire

Take the Questionnaire

Energy, Anxiety & Your Stress

Check your balance. Take the quiz and see how your energy levels and anxiety indicators measure up.

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