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How a Healthy Gut Leads to Glowing Skin

By BePure

When it comes to the health of our skin, we tend to focus on the outside - with creams, cleansers, serums, and scrubs - instead of paying attention to our insides which feed and nourish our skin: namely, our gut and all the things the gut impacts or determines, like hormones. 

“Did you know that the skincare market will be worth $200billion USD in 2025? We tend to have a habit of spending a lot on ‘miracle’ products when, really, the answer to dewy, glowing, predictable skin is a lot closer to home!


Beautiful skin comes from a healthy gut


If we focus on just the ‘appearance’ of skin and not on its whole health - which will determine its natural appearance - then we’re only managing signs of inflammation (acne, rosacea, eczema), ageing, dullness, and dryness but not the causes. With the exception of SPF, retinol (vitamin A), and moisturiser, there’s no real scientific evidence that other topical treatments have any effect on the health (as opposed to appearance) of skin. But, if we work from the inside out we can notice real, long-lasting changes to our body’s biggest organ.


In this post, we will look at 6 essential skincare tips that can lead to beautiful skin, that don’t need to cost the earth, and that will also benefit your overall health. Read through or click to jump to:

  1. Good skin starts in the gut
  2. The beauty of collagen
  3. Add in antioxidants
  4. Probiotics and food
  5. Hydration
  6. The best offence is a good defence


6 Tips To Get Glowing Skin From Within


1. Good skin starts in the gut

We know that all health starts in the gut but let’s focus on skin specifically. If you suffer from eczema, rosacea, psoriasis - taking a look at your gut health is a good first step. 

All of these concerns are signs of inflammation and inflammation is a sign that our immune system is fighting hard to protect us. In its most obvious form, inflammation could be a rash or swelling that we might get from a cut or burn which is inflamed because our body is working hard to heal.  

Because our gut is the starting point for immunity, hormones, and, of course, our microbiome, we can take steps to reduce (inflammation) regulate (hormones) and repair (our microbiome). 

Reduce inflammation:

If reducing or eliminating psoriasis, rosacea, or eczema are at the top of your wish list then immunity should be the focus. 

When our gut lining isn’t strong, it means that proteins and food particles can pass through the gut wall into our bloodstream. This is called leaky gut syndrome and results in inflammation both in the form of bloating and stomach pain, or skin inflammation. This is because food isn’t meant to be in the bloodstream so our immune system is reacting to these ‘invaders’. 

Strengthening the gut lining and incorporating omega 3s prevents this from happening.  The gut lining because it prevents movement of food outside of the gut and omega 3s because the chemical messengers required to turn off the inflammatory response are omega 3 fatty acids.

  • BePure Three is an all-rounder to support inflammation, skin, hormone balance, joints, mental wellness and everyday wellbeing. Tested for purity, freshness and oxidisation, and with no fillers, BePure Three is a bioavailable Omega-3 you can trust. 

Regulate hormones and repair our microbiome

When we talk about hormonal acne, it can seem quite unfair that we would experience this beyond our teen years. But hormonal acne can affect us well into adulthood because disruptions to our hormones can happen at any stage of life. 

There is a strong link between gut health and hormones. Our hormones are our communication system. We have over 50 types of them sending messages around the body instructing it on things like where to store fat, how to feel, and what to do. We need neurotransmitters to do all of this, and to produce those neurotransmitters, we need to be getting and absorbing key nutrients. If the health of our gut is compromised, we don’t absorb these nutrients as well as we would if we had a healthy gut. 

Taking a quality probiotic to promote good bacteria and dominate bad bacteria will make absorbing the key nutrients we need that much easier. Bad bacteria can also be responsible for craving sugar and processed foods so when we reduce the former we reduce the latter. 

Think of BePure Two Probiotic as a multi for your gut: a carefully created line up of good guys to support gut health and wellness. 


collagen+ berry smoothie


2. Collagen

Collagen is the strong, springy, fibrous protein substance that is woven into our body’s tissue—especially where mechanical function is essential, such as skin, cartilage, tendons and bones. When our skin experiences UV damage, so does the collagen in our skin. 

As we hit our mid-20s, our natural collagen production also begins to decline at a rate of about 1% per year, and this accelerates in our 40s and 50s. By the time we cruise into our thriving 50s we are producing 30% less natural collagen than we did in our 20s.

We can support our skin by providing it with the macro and micronutrients it needs to regenerate and repair at a cellular level. This homemade bone broth recipe is delicious and loaded with collagen which helps to strengthen our gut. Our favourite is Collagen+ as we can hit the antioxidants and collagen in one delicious go!


Collagen is also essential for preventing leaky gut as it strengthens our gut lining. So, it works from the inside and its benefits show on the outside!


3. Reduce oxidative stress


So, what is oxidative stress? Our favourite example is when an apple goes brown after being cut in half and exposed to oxygen—oxygen pulls the electrons from the apple, causing damage. Imagine this in the body!

Free radicals (aka oxygen molecules) enter the body and act as scavengers, stealing electrons from your healthy molecules and causing damage at a cellular level as well as inflammation, which negatively impacts our skin health.  

The number one sign of oxidative stress is ageing. If we take smoking as an example - that produces a lot of oxidative stress and can result in more wrinkles and sallow-looking skin. 

Other causes of oxidative stress are:

  • A diet high in fat, sugar, processed foods, alcohol

  • Exposure to radiation (like the sun)

  • Some medications

  • Pollution

  • Exposure to pesticides and industrial chemicals

  • Stress

Antioxidants are essential to reducing these free radicals and neutralising them: They can even help to repair the damage that UV rays can cause.

However, our natural ability to produce antioxidants requires a lot of nutritional support. Foods high in natural antioxidants include matcha, blueberries, cacao, artichokes and cranberries. Try this matcha latte recipe for a rich source of antioxidants.

Increasing protein and cruciferous vegetables in your diet will help support the production of antioxidants as will the intake of a high quality multivitamin, omega 3, as well as taking steps to reduce stress with deep breathing and meditation.

If you are showing signs of oxidative stress we discussed above, you might also want to consider adding in a supplement rich in antioxidants. Collagen+ is a collagen powder blend with a powerful base of antioxidants, including special ingredient polypodium leucotomos. It was specially formulated to soothe inflammation and support skin health at the root cause. BePure Ten contains the ingredient CoQ10 which supports the reduction of free radicals, anti-ageing, and the increase of antioxidant levels.


good skin starts from within


4. Eat for great skin


Taking a digestive aid preps the body for eating by adding in digestive enzymes and hydrochloric acid to help break the food down so we can get the nutrients we need from it to nourish our skin! 

In addition, reducing environmental toxins and chemicals in your diet is a key way to have great skin. That's why adding organic, nutrient dense produce into your diet is a key part of the BePure philosophy. For healthy skin add these fruits and vegetables into your daily diet.  

Organic Berries: Berries are part of the dirty dozen so it is best to buy organic berry produce to avoid herbicides and pesticides whenever possible. Berries are great in smoothies and contain many antioxidants that will help to protect against environmental stress factors and support radiant skin.

Avocado: As a great source of healthy fats, avocados enable your body to efficiently absorb fat-soluble nutrients for skin health. They also contain the antioxidant, carotenoids, which fights free radicals and protects your skin from environmental damage.

Lemon and cucumbers: These are both examples of alkalising foods that are hydrating, nourishing and contain astringent properties. These are very good for skin and digestion and help fight inflammation when a breakout is coming on! Try starting your day with a large glass of water and lemon juice. 

Almonds: These are great nutrient-dense snacks. Almonds also include high amounts of vital vitamin E which can help to prevent free radical damage in our skin cells.


5. Hydration 

Our body is 60% water, and as we cannot store it, we must constantly make sure that we are hydrating throughout the day. Water is essential for feeling good with optimal health and energy—and hydrated skin has a lovely, dewy appearance, which we all love. If your skin woes include flakiness, itching, wrinkles, and even eczema and psoriasis, these can all be signs to increase your daily water intake. 


“Did you know that for every cup of coffee we have, we need two cups to get back to pre-coffee hydration levels?”


A simple formula to know how much to drink is the following: 

0.033 litres per kg of body weight, So, for example, 0.033 x 75 kgs = 2.5.

This roughly equates to the following amounts: 60 kg = 2 litres, 75 kg = 2.5 litres, 90 kg= 3 litres, and 105 kg = 3.5 litres

We need even more if we’re drinking alcohol or any caffeine, when we exercise, when it’s hot, and when we’re unwell. 

It’s crucial in keeping skin moisturised, blood circulation which keeps our skin healthy, and helps us absorb those skin-loving nutrients.


6. The best offence is a good defence!

Nothing beats prevention when it comes to good skincare. Protection against UV rays and preventing inflammation and dryness is much more effective than treating those things after the fact. We want to prevent damage, rather than repair it. Our Collagen+ includes polypodium which supports skin protection against UV from the inside out. But we always recommend a daily SPF, especially in summer!

Everything in our body is connected, so we have to look after our body holistically. Getting quality sleep, moving our body daily, and spending quality time with those we love, all do wonders for our inner and outer (skin) health.  

Thanks to the thinning ozone layer in this part of the world, most of us have experienced our fair share of painful sunburns. Over time, this kind of skin damage can lead to more serious issues. While antioxidants do some work here, they can never fully undo the damage caused by the sun.

Keeping our skin barrier protected with moisturiser will help defend against wind and the constant change of hot to cool environments in winter. 

What next? 

  • Start with the Gut Health Pack. Containing digestive aid, Digest Assist, and probiotic BePure Two - your gut will be prepped and primed to digest food at every meal.

  • Try the Everyday Wellness Pack: A multivitamin, probiotic, and omega 3 fish oil supplement are the three most helpful things you can do for your skin health.

  • Incorporate Collagen into your diet with a Collagen supplement or foods like bone broth.

  • Eat more antioxidants and reduce sugar, processed foods, and alcohol in your diet.

There are no 'silver bullets' when it comes to skincare but we can prepare it for the modern world, help it to recover quicker, and give it the nutrients needed to make the best new skin cells it can.

Disclaimer: This blog post is for educational purposes only. It is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure. We are all unique, for your individual health concerns it is important to discuss these with a BePure Holistic Health Consultant or relevant health professional.

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