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Who Recommends BePure Three and Why

By BePure

 We've been taking a deep dive into inflammation over the last few weeks.

We've covered what inflammation is, why it happens, and now we're looking at what's within our control to manage systemic inflammation to keep our bodies in good nick both now and as we age.

When it comes to chronic, low-grade systemic inflammation, chemical messengers are required to turn off the inflammatory response. One of the essential ‘ingredients’ or pre-cursors for those important chemical messengers, are omega-3 fatty acids.

Omega-3s can’t be made by the body, so they must come from food or supplementation. If we aren't consuming enough omega-3s, our bodies struggle to manage elevated and uncontrolled inflammation. 

Because inflammation affects our whole body—young and old, head to toe, inside and outside—we chatted to some health professionals to get their opinion on how they use omega-3s in supporting wellness the wellness of their clients, and why they recommend BePure Three in particular.


Dermal Therapist

Constance Santos from Epidermis & Sage

As a Dermal Therapist, I would say 95% of the skin I see at Epidermis & Sage are dehydrated (water loss in skin) have barrier disorders, eczema, or chronic skin conditions all of which are supported by omega-3 fatty acids.

The skin’s barrier function, and many cells found in the skin depend on a part of the omega-3 fatty acid chain to function correctly.

BePure Three is one of the first products I recommend for my clients to improve their skin, because treating the skin needs to be holistic—starting from the inside out.


Health & Performance Specialist

Luke Taylor from Taylored Health & Performance

As a Health & Performance Specialist who works with people looking to get more out of life, I am always on the hunt for evidence-based solutions to help my clients.

This led me to find BePure, who source all products from high-quality origins, and that actually do what they say—unlike many others on the market.

BePure Three has been a staple for me and many of my clients in our daily routines to aid brain health, and ensure we keep our inflammation in check. Since a recent traumatic brain injury, it has become even more important to aid in my recovery.

I view BePure Three as an important supplement that everyone should consider in the chronically inflamed world.



Ryan O'Connor from Visique Shattky Optometrists

Through both extensive research, and our own clinical experience, we see omega-3s playing a role in supporting the health of our eyes.

Omega-3s support our brain function, foundations of the retina, and our bodies micro-biome including the eyelid.

An omega-3 with high potency and quality, like BePure Three, assists reducing inflammation that can improve symptoms of dry eye disease. Not many people know, it has been shown to support visual function when it comes to learning difficulties and recovering from acquired brain injury.



Jamie Taylor from Taylor Osteopathic Clinic

As an osteopath, I find that omega-3s are a versatile, health-supporting nutrient. 

I recommend omega-3s for support with soft tissue and joint inflammatory conditions, like arthritis, as well as for supporting pregnancy, and to help our young pre-school children struggling with immunity.

We, and our clients, love that BePure Three is high-quality, high-strength, sustainably sourced means of getting of those all-important omega-3s from a locally owned and operated company.


Clinical Nutritionist

Gina Hill and Emma Winnie from Vital HB - Chiropractic & Nutrition

Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for human health. Every single cell in your body needs these good fats to work optimally.

Fish oil is a plentiful source of these omega-3 fats—particularly EPA and DHA—which have many therapeutic benefits. The word ‘essential’ in this context means they cannot be made by the body, and therefore need to be gained through the foods that we eat and/or supplementation. 

Unfortunately, the majority of patients we see in clinic have a low omega-3 Index score—meaning they have inadequate levels of EPA and DHA for optimal wellbeing, and so Be Pure Three is one of our go-to supplements.

We recommend BePure Three for anyone who is experiencing any sort of inflammatory driven condition—chronic aches and pains, stiff joints, allergies, headaches, eczema, period, and so on. Omega-3 is a crucial part of our recommendations to reduce inflammation in the body that could be driving these symptoms.

Our 'anti-fish-eating' patients love them, as it is an alternative to food that is super affordable and allows them to reap the benefits of omega-3s. There is no fishy aftertaste either!

Not all fish oils are created equally, and so we recommend Be Pure Three due to the high concentrations of EPA and DHA, and the guarantee of purity.


Holistic Health Consultant

Sarah Vickers from the BePure Clinic

In the ever changing, fast-paced world we live in, our bodies are expected to cope with high demands of constant stressors; mental, emotional and physical.

 This demand comes at a cost—we risk high levels of stress on our internal world.

Cellular health is impacted by all facets of stress. I see this daily in-clinic with my clients.

 From generalised aches and pains, to fluid retention, eczema, arthritis, mood instability and multiple different autoimmune conditions. These conditions are all signs of dis-ease of the body primarily driven from an inflammatory response. 

How do we as practitioners manage this inflammatory response? The first and foremost tool I will use, to look at how can I support the acute inflammation phase, is a high strength fish oil that has high levels of EPA and DHA. BePure Three provides exactly what I need—we use reparable sources of omega three that is sustainably sourced and of high quality. 

 The body cannot provide its own omega-3s so we have to be consuming them in our diet one way or another. To ensure you are getting an adequate amount of omega-3s, you would need to be consuming a large amount of oily fish—like salmon, mackerel and anchovies—daily, which isn’t everyone's cup of tea.

 BePure Three is the perfect solution as you only need 2 capsules a day to support inflammation in your body. I have noticed incredible changes with people's pain levels, skin appearance and overall energy with taking BePure Three on a regular basis.

It is a non-negotiable supplement that I will use in clients’ care plans to reduce inflammatory processes and support their overall wellbeing. Big thumbs up to BePure Three!


Omega-3s while essential for managing elevated inflammation levels, it’s a pretty big job for our bodies, and they can’t do all the work by themselves! Take a read of 6 Ways to Naturally Support Inflammation.

Disclaimer: This blog post is for educational purposes only. It is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure. We are all unique, for your individual health concerns it is important to discuss these with a BePure Holistic Health Consultant or relevant health professional.

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