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My goal is to help everyone experience what true health energy and vitality feels like so they can do things that truly excite them in life.

"My goal is to help everyone experience what true health energy and vitality feels like."

BePure's foundations of health include eating a wholefoods diet (free of processed foods, sugar and gluten), eating right for your macro-nutrient profile (the right combination of fats, protein and carbohydrates for your genetics), and ensuring you nurture your body with optimal levels of micro-nutrients for crucial bodily functions.

Through my years of working with clients clinically and researching soil agronomy I've found that even if you are eating well, you may still be lacking in a range of essential nutrients that your body needs everyday to function optimally.

"...even if you are eating well you may still be lacking in a range of essential nutrients."

In the past we've looked at why many of us are lacking in essential nutrients. This is why I believe that to truly have the health and vitality we want, it’s vital to add nutritional support on top of a healthy diet and lifestyle to thrive in the modern world.

I believe many people are blindly living below the wellness line. They simply don’t realise they could feel better than they do. We’ve got used to having aching joints, sore muscles, low energy, mood swings, painful periods and PMS, inflammation, skin problems and more. A huge amount of these issues can be remedied, or at least improved upon by increasing your nutrient intake.

"I believe many people are blindly living below the wellness line. They simply don’t realise they could feel better than they do."

How can BePure One and BePure Three help you?

In our work with clients at the BePure Clinic we come across a range of health conditions and concerns. However, there are broadly four main categories that a wholefoods diet with quality nutrient support can help, which is what BePure One and Three have been developed to support within the BePure Everyday Health Pack.

  1. Energy
    One of the biggest struggles we all face today is a lack of energy.

    Our bodies are constantly working to maintain homeostasis or stability, and if we don’t have the building blocks, or micronutrients we need for this, it’s going to use our energy reserves for this. This leaves very little energy stores for day-to-day living and doing the things you love.

    As a result of our fast paced modern lives, many of us then become adrenally fatigued and accustomed to living below the wellness line. The use of energy ‘crutches’ such as caffeine, sugar and alcohol are all examples of what many of us use to get through the energy slumps. But really they're just stealing energy from the future.

    But, restoring your body with optimal levels of nutrients, such as B vitamins, vitamin D, zinc, selenium and vitamin C, you can give your body back energy naturally without these stimulants.

    This is what BePure One and Three provide in optimal levels to support in picking up your energy levels long term.

  2. Inflammation or chronic disease
    Rates of autoimmune conditions are on the rise. There are many factors at play; new diagnostic techniques, changes to our food supply, increased stress, increased antibiotic use and a greater understanding of gut health are just some of the reasons. However, one of my favourite sayings is “just because it’s common, doesn’t mean it’s normal.”

    BePure One and BePure Three help with conditions associated with chronic inflammation and autoimmunity. BePure One contains iodine which is not present in NZ soil at all.

    Iodine is vital for thyroid health. Thyroid conditions are some of the most common autoimmune conditions we see at the clinic. BePure Three helps boost healthy Omega 3 fats to support mood and hormonal health as well as lowering inflammation.

    We need both Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids. The word essential means our bodies cannot produce it ourselves, we have to ingest them. The problem is in the modern world the ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fats is too high (we are getting too many Omega 6’s). When we don’t have the right balance of these essential fatty acids we can get systemic inflammation, chronic illness, hormonal imbalances, infertility and decreased mood.

    The modern diet contains a lot of processed food. This usually means we are consuming far more vegetable oils than we should. Vegetable oils are high in Omega 6 fatty acids. In addition conventionally raised meat and caged eggs increase our consumption of Omega 6 foods.

  3. Hormonal imbalances

    Due to environmental toxins, stress, the oral contraceptive pill, menopause and numerous lifestyle factors many people experience hormone imbalances. Our bodies are comprised of amazing, intricate hormone systems which work to control everything from our body temperature and metabolism to our reproductive organs, how we respond to stress, our muscle mass and even our sleep.

    A hormone imbalance can cause many different symptoms and conditions. We are seeing women come to the clinic experiencing early menopause. Men with low sex drive and performance, teenagers with crippling PMS and pain and a raft of 28-35 year old women who come off the contraceptive pill in the hopes of starting a family and find themselves with infertility, irregular cycles, PCOS or endometriosis.

    As well as nourishing your hormonal systems with missing nutrients, BePure One also has an incredibly powerful base of green’s formula comprised of chlorella, barley grass, wheatgrass, broccoli extract, spirulina and other potent ‘greens’. These superfoods help support your bodies natural detoxification pathways in your liver and kidneys.

    We know because of our exposure to environmental toxins such as BPA, personal care products and plastic packaging, as well as the use of modern medication our detoxification pathways can be overloaded and “sluggish”. This green’s formula was important to me because it helps to clear these pathways to improve hormonal health and reverse oestrogen dominance.

    BePure One also has lipoic acid to support the liver and Broccoli Sprout extract which specifically helps detoxify excess oestrogen. 

  1. A healthy metabolism

    The last major category we recommend BePure One and BePure Three for is metabolic health. By this I mean people with weight issues, type two diabetes, PCOS, insulin resistance or blood sugar dysregulation (feeling like you’re on the blood sugar rollercoaster.)

    Many of the essential micronutrients contained in BePure One, such as magnesium and zinc, are proven to be helpful in reversing insulin resistance and managing blood sugar control.

    Chromium and vanadium  are also included in the formula because if you’re deficient in these minerals it can lead to blood sugar spikes, crashes and sugar cravings.

    Vitamin D deficiency also decreases the biosynthesis and release of insulin.  Both BePure One and Three contain vitamin D to support healthy insulin production.

    BePure One is designed to be the “one” product you need if you took nothing else. It’s made specifically to help you against the challenges of depleted soils causing nutrient depleted foods, common deficiencies and exposure to environmental toxins. Basically, I made it to counteract all the negative impacts of modern living.


One factor that's very important to me and our team of researchers and product developers at BePure is quality. Our products are made according to our exact formula and are then batch tested to ensure quality.

I've written a blog Why All Fish Oils Aren’t the Same which details our testing process for our fish oil product, BePure Three.

BePure One is made by an FDA approved manufacturer in the United States according to my exact formula. Every single nutrient is checked coming into the capsule and then one it’s made, every batch has to be triple checked to ensure the nutrients are stable for shelf life. This means the level of nutrients in the capsule need to be true to the label at the end of expiry. So, actually the product has higher levels than are stated on the bottle initially to account for nutrient levels decreasing on the shelf.


The problem with modern living

It’s a big topic addressing our need for quality nutrient support, I’ve compiled some of our blogs which best address this topic. Have a read to help with your understanding.


Obviously underpinning your habits with energy-giving foods, daily gentle movement and adequate sleep are vital factors in health. We can take steps to increase the nutrition we get through our food by changing our spending habits - focussing on spray free organic produce, growing our own vegetables and reducing our exposure to toxins. All of these factors combined with quality nutritional support will help us reach our optimal nutritional requirements.

My goal is to help everyone experience what true health energy and vitality feels like so they can do this things that truly excite them. Understanding that we are living in an age of nutritional shortfall is important - even for trained nutritionists - to help give your body what it needs to thrive.

If you have any questions please contact us on info@bepure.co.nz or 0800 873787.



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Disclaimer: This blog post is for educational purposes only. It is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure. We are all unique, for your individual health concerns it is important to discuss these with a BePure Clinical Consultant or relevant health professional.