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Here at BePure we are constantly assessing the latest research around nutrition, health and genetics.  As part of this process we then implement this information into our products to help maintain their quality, innovation and effectiveness.

In recent years with BePure One this has seen us add the addition of a Naturally fermented MK7 form of Vitamin K2 for bone health and cardiovascular health. The addition of Resveratrol for antioxidant protection and the addition of broccoli sprout extract for improved clearance of estrogen through the liver.

I'm thrilled to say we've just got the latest formulation of BePure One from our manufacturer with the latest additions and enhancements. 

For years I've been trying to source a natural source of active vitamin A and finally we've been able to do it.  Previously we used natural beta carotene, which is great, but some people genetically don't convert it through to the active form of vitamin A effectively. Now BePure One has both forms of vitamin A. As a side note, if you are pregnant, don't worry the levels are still fine to take during pregnancy.

We've also altered the form of B9 in BePure One, to the metabolically active form 5-methlytetrahydrofolate. Again, this is because many people are not able to convert folate or folic acid to the active form as efficiently due to their genetics. These additions make it easier for every person’s body to use.

Lastly we've also lowered the level of riboflavin (B2) down just a little. We hear from people taking BePure One is that it often makes their urine bright yellow.  This is caused by a riboflavin spill. Essentially with water soluble vitamins like riboflavin, we want to saturate your blood twice a day and then any extra will spill into the urine. 

The need for these nutrients are individually dependent on your genetics and how you live your life.  Some days after taking BePure One it will make your urine yellow, then other days it won't - the days it doesn't are the days when your body has needed all of the riboflavin.  The feedback from many people has been that most days it's yellow and so we've reduced the level of riboflavin down so you will be able to see more often the days you need it, don't worry you've still got plenty in BePure One, it contains over 700% of the minimum (RDA) that you need!

I'm very excited to be able to bring these enhancements to you (at no additional cost). It keeps in line with our mission to make BePure products the absolute best they can be to support your optimal health, energy and vitality.

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Disclaimer: This blog post is for educational purposes only. It is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure. We are all unique, for your individual health concerns it is important to discuss these with a BePure Clinical Consultant or relevant health professional.