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BePure Clinic 101

By BePure

“The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are not short term. There’s prevention, then performance and lastly longevity. How do we keep our energy and passion for life as we age? I believe people should die of old age in perfect health and that’s what I help people do.” - Ben Warren

The BePure Clinic is the foundation of everything that goes on at BePure we often get questions about how it started, what goes on at the clinic and how we can support you. So, let us provide some clarity.


How did the BePure Clinic Begin? 

Let's start at the beginningours goes back to the days when BePure was just Ben Warren operating out of a small room in a Havelock North gym—BePure’s foundation has always been based on helping people to have a better experience of life.

Over the years, we have built up a community based on the common ground of wanting support through health issues they’ve been experiencing or to nurture their wellbeing.

We want to continue to provide assistance through sharing knowledge and high quality, nutritional support to help our community in living a life they can enjoy for a long time, to foster wellness amongst us all.

Over the years, Ben's small clinic in the Hawkes Bay has formed the basis of the BePure Clinic. Today we have a team of incredible BePure Holistic Health Practitionersall trained by Ben, that continue to combine the science of gold-standard testing with personalised diet, lifestyle and nutrition to support your optimal health and wellbeing and empower self-health ownership.


So, what do we do at the BePure Clinic?

If you've already been to one of Ben's seminars, you’ll already have a pretty good idea. However, if you haven’t yet, let's do a little behind-the-scenes.

All that we do at BePure is driven by the combination of science-backed, gold-standard testing with personalised diet, lifestyle and nutrition to support your optimal health and wellbeing and empower self-health ownership. 


That sounds fantastic, but what exactly does this mean?

When supporting you on your health journey we take a holistic approach and look at the whole person – not just your symptoms.

We use top of the line, gold-standard testing we "dig deep" to pinpoint exactly what lifestyle, diet and nutritional factors may be affecting your body and the way you feel.

This approach means we take the guesswork out of health and could involve us testing anything from your blood work, to your hormones and of course your stool (yip, that means 💩) and gut health!

But at the core of it, what really drives what we do is the belief that BePure Team all shares, that we are all unique.

Our genetics, lifestyle and environments are all varied. Because of this the current ‘one-size-fits-all’ model is failing many of us.

Symptoms are too often bundled into conditions with the same generic solutions offered. In reality, your symptoms could be caused by a huge number of things. With this, the solutions and support you will need to get your health and energy back could be completely different to someone else - they would be unique to you.

No matter where you are in the country (or even parts of Australia) testing and supplements can be shipped to you overnight! 


I don't live in Auckland, can you still support me on my health journey through the BePure Clinic? 

Yes, our one and only BePure Clinic is located in Grey Lynn, Auckland. This is where the magic happens but you don't have to be in the neighbourhood to get in on it. 

We offer both in-person and online consultations with our BePure Holistic Health Practitioners  and we offer a range of programmes.

Through our clinic we hope to support everyone in New Zealand (and Southern Australia) that needs this kind of support. Like we said just above, no matter where you are in the country (or even parts of Australia) testing and supplements can be shipped to you overnight, how good?!


Curious what the BePure Clinic looks like?

You can take a sneak peak at how our Auckland Clinic came together in 2017 in this video.

BePure Programmes

Our aim at the Clinic is to support you in improving the function of your body and the quality of your life via our clinical services.

We often don't seek help until we have no other choice. One of the key messages we want to give you is that the BePure Clinic is for everyone – in all states of health and wellness.

Hand over heart, we yet to meet someone whose body is naturally expressing optimal health and energy. Many of us have become accustomed to living with low energy or sub-optimal health because we have no idea how good we could feel!

By being proactive we can uncover any limitations to your health and wellbeing and find ways to prevent and support your body before any crisis issues or symptoms arise.

At the BePure Clinic, we offer a range of services. Each option has different levels of nutritional support, testing, consultant hours and personal commitment.


1. The BePure Immunity Essentials Package

This is the first time the BePure Clinic is offering one-off consultations but we also know that this is an unusual time and many people will want guidance here, especially as we head into winter.

The BePure Immunity Essentials Package is a great opportunity to speak with one of our Holistic Health Practitioners about what you can be doing right now to support your wellbeing and specifically your immune system.

Please note, this offer is only available for a limited time.

2. BePure Essentials Programme

This programme is fantastic for people looking to evaluate and be supported in improving their diet and lifestyle.

Making changes like this in our day to day life can be difficult. Where do you start? How do you know what foods are best for you to thrive? What foods should you be avoiding? What are some easy (and delicious!) recipes you can cook up and how do you know what to shop for?

The BePure Essentials Programme supports you with all of this, plus lifestyle and exercise advice. We also give you recommendations for additional nutritional support. It's the perfect programme for establishing new habits and setting routines.

We’ll support you in making all of these changes and we're there with you each step of the way over the duration of the programme. 

3. BePure Comprehensive Programme

This is our most popular programme! It's the perfect fit if you are experiencing an ongoing health concern that they can’t seem to solve.

This programme allows us to take a deeper look into your metabolism and body systems through extensive, gold-standard testing.

On top of the base level support included in the BePure Essentials Programme, our Holistic Health Consultants will expertly interpret your situation and test results. They'll provide you with a clear picture of what is actually going on inside your body.

To give the required amount of time to get to the heart of the issue and make long-lasting change, this programme has a minimum duration of three months. Although we have found most clients choose to continue for six to nine months.  

3. Holistic Health Consultation

This single consultation is the perfect opportunity for an introduction to our BePure approach and to begin your health journey with us. 

The consultation, with one of our Holistic Health Consultants, is designed to support you in setting personal health and wellness goals and providing a starting point for making dietary and lifestyle changes. It also provides the opportunity to learn which nutritional products are right for you.


You can find the full details of our Clinic Services and testing on the BePure website. There, you'll find exactly what is included in each option and have the option to enquire into which one is right for you.


I'm interested in the BePure Clinic but I don't know which programme is right for me?

To get started, take our BePure Clinic Questionnaire. This is a great place to to help you make a decision on the best next step for your own unique health journey with us.

Set up a time to chat with Lucywe'd like to invite you to set up a complimentary phone call with Lucy, our BePure Clinic Journey Consultant. She can discuss what's going on for you and recommend a the clinic programme and Holistic Health Practitioner that will be best able to support you. 

If you have any immediate questions about the BePure Clinic or our clinic services, please feel free to give us a call on 0800 52 54 52 or email

Disclaimer: This blog post is for educational purposes only. It is not designed to diagnose, treat or cure. We are all unique, for your individual health concerns it is important to discuss these with a BePure Holistic Health Consultant or relevant health professional.

Take the Questionnaire

BePure What Should I Eat? Questionnaire

BePure What Should I Eat? Questionnaire

Begin to understand what foods you should actually be eating to feel your best.

Take the Questionnaire

Take the Questionnaire

BePure What Should I Eat? Questionnaire

Begin to understand what foods you should actually be eating to feel your best.

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