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In this video, Ben covers why gut health is so important, what we mean by the term gut health, foods and lifestyle factors that negatively impact the health of our gastrointestinal system and practical strategies for improving the health of your gut.

This information is especially relevant as we continue to explore the 8th Pillar of Health - Gut Health. We've also covered 8 Signs of an Unhealthy Gut, these top 10 tips are the best first step to improving your health if this is an area of concern for you. 

Ben's top 10 tips for gut health

  1. Breath into your stomach
  2. Chew to liquid 
  3. Start your day with lemon and water 
  4. Avoid gluten containing foods 
  5. Incorporate broths as much as possible 
  6. Know your transit time 
  7. Eat fermented foods daily, supported with probiotics
  8. Daily bowel movements are a MUST 
  9. Exercise 
  10. Drink water and stay hydrated

This blog is part of our 10 pillars of health series. Each week we will deliver content, recipes and challenges relevant to each pillar of health that we believe are the foundations for living a healthier, happier, more energised life. The idea being that if we focus on making progress in one area each week it will be easier, and more sustainable, over the long-term.

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